February 6, 2015

Friday - Clear and sunny, warmer

An okay day.

I got up early this morning and promptly fell asleep on the couch.  I tried to wake up, but it didn’t work well.  However, I did wake up in time for my reading, so I turned off the TV and read a bit of my book.

After my time was up, I watched my dumb telly and had breakfast.  I had a fairly nice morning.  It was quiet but good.  I took a shower and while I was in F came home and had his lunch.  I had a little time with him, but he was off to work soon.  

In the afternoon I did a couple of loads of laundry and put away some of mine that should have been done before.  I also got out a couple of outfits to try on for the evening.  There was one suit that looked really cool, but I decided to go with a dress that I’ve never worn yet, and may not have the chance to for a while.  

I had a busy afternoon.  I scanned some cards and prepared a bookmooch to go out as well.  I was a little upset that when I put it on the table to tape it, it got a greasy mark on the envelop.  My husband doesn’t believe in wiping the table after meals…only before.  

Unfortunately, he chose that particular moment to come home so I wasn’t too pleased to see him.  We had a few growly moments with each other.  He came in and got changed right away.  I wasn’t even thinking of going for a while.  I started to change, but I wanted to do a makeup and hair thing, but he called the taxi before I even put my dress on.  Considering the taxi place is only a couple of blocks away it felt really early.  He did ask me if it was okay to call the taxi, but I thought he was only going to order it …ask them to come in a few minutes, but he asked for it right away.  Bah humbug.

We got to the restaurant and were seated.  I had a non-alcohol drink to start, F had wine.  We ordered some appetizers and then F hinted strongly that he’d like to order roasted quail.  I was a bit disappointed and thought we’d order something else too as a main dish, but we didn’t.  The appetizers were good, and so were the pommes frites I ordered, but the quail wasn’t what I had in mind. It was a bit tough.  My first bite had a tiny bone in it, and my second had a shot pellet! The quail was good, but not really what I had envisioned as a birthday feast.  F had another wine and I had a mojito. Then, when it was time to order dessert, I had passionfruit mousse, but F had a beer.  The restaurant staff put a sparkler in the mousse for me and dimmed the lights in our area, which was quite sweet of them! We left the restaurant before 9 pm and came home.  It was so disappointing.  My only option besides coming home was walking across the street and going to the grocery store before going home…I didn’t really understand why I would want to go to the grocery store as part of my birthday celebration?

We came home, I put on my pyjamas and watched The Lego Movie, which I had already programmed to record on our DVR because I thought we’d be out.  Sigh.  At least it was fun!

The rest of the evening I spent with my nose in my computer and quiet.  I watched quite a bit of TV and felt fine, but now that it’s late and I’m alone and listening to music I feel a bit blue.  I just have to listen to a couple of cool songs and I’m sure I’ll feel better.  It’s probably time to listen to Pink!

No idea what we’ll get up to the weekend.  I do have a Skype date for the morning if I can wake up/get up in time for it.  It might be fun!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Happy birthday, Helen!

I have to tell you my mouth fell open when I read you found shot in your dinner! Yikes. Good think you didn't break a tooth or anything.

It sounds like you need a good, dressy girls night out with friends to make up for your lackluster dinner.

Helen said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Yes, it was wild quail, so someone must have shot it! I was surprised too.

At the start of next month I'm going to meet up with some friends in another city for lunch, so it'll help make up for it. My DH is a good guy but sometimes doesn't get it.