February 9, 2015

Monday - Cold and Snowy

A good day.

I got up this morning and it was very cold in our apartment.  The weather has taken a turn for the worse all of a sudden.  There’s a little snow outside and temperatures are lower than they have been for a bit.  I think we’ve been spoiled!

I made myself some tea and checked out my computer. I did a few things on line and then at 10:00 I settled in for a read.  I read the rest of my novel and finally finished it.  Hurray for that! I finished a Japanese novel (in English of course) called Snow Country.  I didn’t like it and I’m glad that I’m done!  The author may have won the Nobel Prize but this book left me cold.  I read a bit of the Middlemarch introduction after I finished Snow Country

Breakfast and the usual things happened.  Around 12 I took a shower.  I expected F would come home, so when I finished I even turned on the kettle for him, but he was a no-show.  Poor guy.  

In the afternoon I wrote a couple more postcards and then planned on scanning them.  One problem…my scanner doesn’t work anymore.  I updated my operating system yesterday and my scanner isn’t supported now.  It wasn’t when I got this new computer either, but I downloaded some software and got it to run.  I tried and tried, but it didn’t work.  Sigh.  

F popped in on his way to his mother’s and I asked if I could try his scanner.  He told me it wasn’t working, but I could try it if I wanted to.  I did, and it worked just fine!  I downloaded a little software to run the printer/scanner and ta dah!  Scans.  Of course, it was now too late to run things to the post office, so I have to go tomorrow.

While he was gone, I got set up for dinner.  I cleared and set the table, and started the water boiling for pasta. When F called to say that he was on his way home, I put the pasta in the pot and started making the sauce.  I didn’t have to do much.  I was just adding some shrimp to the alfredo sauce, so it wasn’t difficult.  

F arrived home with the salad I’d asked for and we were able to eat within 10 minutes.  How’s that for service?  F changed out of his work clothes and into his pyjamas when he came home, so I knew that he was tired.  I gave him the night off from the dishes too.  There wasn’t that much, and sometimes I feel like being nice!

We had a good night.  F watched a bunch of noisy Japanese TV while I worked on my passport application.  I have to apply for a new one as it runs out this year.  The new forms are easier, but the price is way up.  BOO.  

F took a bath and I went over to the couch for a show and some crochet.  I now have all the small squares made into big squares of 4.  My next project is to darn in all the ends.  I think it’ll go fairly quickly.

I came back to my computer to do a little bit of internet stuff and of course write my blog.  I’ve been here for a while and I need to get to bed soon.  That’s it for me then.  Until tomorrow! 

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