January 31, 2015

Saturday  - Snowy, cold and windy

A good day.

I got up in the morning, unlocked the door and then went back to bed.  I couldn’t sleep for a bit, but when my alarm went off again around 11 I got up and stayed up.  I heard from F just after.  He was going to take his mother to lunch and then he’d come home.  

When he came home, I was in the shower!  He was going to run off again to take something back to his mother, but I asked him to wait a couple of minutes.  I made some tea for us and fed him a cinnamon bun!  He liked it.  I decided to send over a couple of cinnamon buns to his mother and the two remaining buns that I had made yesterday, since I didn’t think we’d eat at home today.  

When F came back we vegged out for a while then I asked about going to have lunch for me.  F had taken his mum to a nice restaurant so he wasn’t hungry, but I was!  I suggested Bikkuri Donkey!! so that’s where we went.  I had a plate lunch and F had coffee.  It was quite nice really.

After lunch we went to the store where I got my last three pairs of glasses.  My in-apartment glasses keep falling off my face, so I wanted to see if I could get them tightened.  Of course, the man at the shop was very nice, did the job, then cleaned my glasses, and F’s glasses for good measure and didn’t charge us for it!  Gotta love Japanese service!

We came home and relaxed for a bit.  I was on my computer for a while, and so was F.  Not on mine, on his.  A bit after 5 I sent him back to his mother’s to walk his dog and see how she was.  

He came back a bit later and then we headed off to Mikawa.  It was slushy outside and there was snow coming down.  It wasn’t nice weather at all.  We got to Mikawa and then parked at the mall.  It was a bit hard to find parking spaces that didn’t have huge lakes in them or that you had to cross a huge lake to get to the mall, but F managed.

In the mall, we discussed having dinner.  F was still full from his lunch and frankly, so was I.  I decided that I’d skip dinner and just have popcorn at the movie!  We went to Jusco and I got a little more yarn to finish my project and then we looked at gloves for F.  I got him a pair for his Valentine’s present.  He doesn’t want chocolates this year, so thought I’d get him something useful.  Then, we had a quick gander at the ladies clothing for me, but honestly there wasn’t too much I was interested in.  We walked back to the theatre and bought our tickets.  

We went to see Exodus: Gods and Kings and it was pretty bad.  I thought I might find something to like about it, but I didn’t really.  It seemed too much on the surface, there wasn’t much depth to it.  The only thing I did sort of like was that I realized just how awful the plagues were! There was one thing that I nearly laughed about.  In the morning before F came home, I watched a cooking show where the chef learned how to cook grasshoppers, then I saw a plague of them in the movie! I kept thinking how the Egyptians in the movie could just eat the grasshoppers!

After the movie we came home.  F still wasn’t feeling that great, and I was tired, so home it was.  I watched Mystery, Alaska.  I hadn’t seen it in years but it was cool to see Russell Crowe in his old and buff days.  It wasn’t a great movie though.  

That’s about it for me really. We haven’t made any firm plans for tomorrow so check back then and see what I have been up to.  Until tomorrow….

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