March 15, 2015

Sunday - Clear and sunny, warm

I said Julie…don’t go!  But he didn’t listen….

A good day.

I got up this morning and went through to the living room.  F was watching Ultimate Fighting (bleck) and had just finished some noodles and was now eating my Greek Yogurt from the fridge.  I realized he wasn’t going to be too interested in lunch anytime soon.  

I went back to bed for a short nap and then I got up.  I checked our magazines for places to eat and asked if we could go to Hyakkenbori. It’s restaurant of one university and is quite good.  The food is always presented well and is usually great.  F thought that was a good idea, so off we went. 

We were able to get a table and sat down.  We had the same thing today, the special lunch.  It was lovely.  We had sashimi, tempura vegetables and salmon, miso soup, teriyaki chicken and rice with grains in it.  We added on tea afterwards.  It was very nice.  During our lunch, F asked if we could go to the Internet Cafe afterwards, so I said it was fine if I could stop by our apartment first to get my bag of stuff.  

We arrive home and then F decides that it isn’t a good time to go now.  He takes a snooze on the couch while I sat at my computer and drank some orzo.  Around 5 I woke him up because I’m mean like that and sent him off to walk his dog.  

When he came back, we went off to the Internet Cafe.  We were able to get massaging chairs and went in.  I read the newspapers for the last two days, did a bit of a craft thing, snoozed and watched a couple of things on TV.  I barely drank anything today.  I grabbed a cup of hot water on the way in and that did me the whole time.  

Just before 9 pm, F knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to go.  I did, so we checked out.  I had to pack up my stuff, but it didn’t take that long.

We went to have dinner in Cocos.  Tonight was the last night for their White Day Mud Pie, so we first had dinner and then had dessert.  Yum.  We both had tandoori chicken curry and it was nice.  It was the right spiciness for me, and the chicken gave me some protein for the day.  We shared the Mud Pie, with F taking most of the bananas off it for me.  Yay!  It was very nice. 

We bought groceries tonight too.  We’re going to try and make takoyaki tomorrow night for dinner.  During the day, I’ll try and wash the necessary parts of the new grill.  I might even try my new popcorn maker!  Won’t that be fun boys and girls?

We got home a scant 10 minutes before Downton Abbey, so I hustled myself to get ready for it.  I sat and finished the last round of my blanket and finished it.  It was after midnight so you’ll have to wait for pictures, but I really love it!

F is off to work in the morning and I’ll probably have a quiet day at home. I might do a bit of housework tomorrow, or I’ll just lie down until the impulse goes away again!

Come back again and find out if our new grill makes good takoyaki or not and if F and I manage to work out how to make them together!  Got to go.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your latest creation. Have you ever thought of opening something like an etsy shop to sell the things you make?

Hope you're feeling better after your fall in the restaurant. Bruises aside, I would be pretty pissed off if that happened to me!

Helen said...

I think if I was making blankets etc for money I wouldn't enjoy it as much. I've had a couple of people suggest that I open an Etsy store, but it is really hard to make money from crochet. After all, it's something their granny could do!

So many people underestimate how much time and effort goes into something hand made. Right now, I'm enjoying making stuff, I think I'll keep it that way.

This is the same blanket I posted a few weeks ago. I've just finished the edging and have darned in all the ends, reinforced the seams and stuff. I'll try and post pics tonight. :-)