March 18, 2015

Wednesday - Warm and sunny

A good day!

I got up this morning and did my usual stuff.  I had some tea and read some of my Kinsey Milhone novel during the break between shows.  I read my paper as well.  I got really sleepy just before noon, so I decided to snooze for a few minutes.  I felt much better afterwards.

I did some laundry in the afternoon and watched a bit of TV while I used my computer.  The doorbell rang at one point.  I got a postcard today and I had to sign for it.  That’s not happened before so it was strange.  The coolest thing though is that the card came all the way from Bangladesh.  They are quite rare.  I got another card later in the day from Belarus but it arrived with the regular post.  

I had some leftover chicken and some of F’s yummy pan de compagne bread for lunch.  I also decided to cook the two leftover pieces of chicken that I couldn’t fit in the dish last night.  I was minding my own business when I heard a loud crack.  Yup.  My pyrex (or Japanese facsimile) had just cracked.  Yikes.  It stayed in one piece so I finished my cooking.  Sigh.  The ironic thing is that two weekends ago we almost bought a glass dish that wasn’t for baking.  This was and it cracked anyway. 

F came home around 7 tonight.  He’d had to go over to his mother’s and do a little shopping for her.  At home we took out all of the meat trays and milk cartons that have been piling up in our apartment for recycling.  Tonight, F suggested a local restaurant near his house so I agreed.  We went there ….and it was awful!  F had curry rice and fried food, I had yakiniku curry spaghetti and it wasn’t good.  The curry was odd.  It didn’t taste like Japanese curry and it wasn’t anything like Indian curry.  I told F that we’d been there more than 10 years ago and it wasn’t good then either.  He joked that maybe it was the same curry in the pot.  I really wanted to like the place.  It was clean, bright and fairly modern inside, but we were the only customers.  Oh dear.  

We came home via the grocery store where we dumped off the recyclables and then did some shopping.  F requested fish for tomorrow night, so he’s going to be cooking that.  I’m going to cook Swiss Chard and new potatoes I think.  At least I hope it goes well.

I watched a bit of TV tonight and for the first bit worked on the doily I’ve been making for two years.  Obviously I haven’t done much of it for the last year or so! It’s very pretty and doesn’t take much time to do a motif.  

That’s really about it for my day.  Tomorrow I’m scheduled for an early lunch date with a good friend and then we’ll see.  I might come home and do some of my pre-cooking so that I can let F have the stove as much as possible.  He doesn’t like to share!  Come back and find out what happens….tomorrow!

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