March 21, 2015

Saturday - Sunny and cool

A good day.

I got up this morning before 9 am.  I quite surprised myself.  I got up and sat on the couch for a bit.  F came home to get a few things and then left again to take his mother out to an onsen and then to lunch.  

While he was gone I took a shower and watched a bit of TV.  He came back and we discussed lunch.  I suggested a fairly expensive place at first, and then after a minute suggested something a little more budget.  We tried to go to that one, but they were full.  F then suggested going to Simon, so we went there.  In a break from tradition, I had fish and F had pork.  It was a lovely meal and I wasn’t hungry for ages afterwards.

We went to karaoke for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  It was great, except for the technology!  The input devices were basically all in Japanese.  I managed by getting a couple of books of songs, but it was a little annoying.  However, the singing wasn’t!  We had fun.  

After karaoke, F dropped me off at home and then went to take care of his mum and dog.  I stayed home and caught up with my email and such.  When he came back he told me that he’d had a bit of food at his mother’s, where did I want to go for dinner.  He claimed that he didn’t want a lot of food and then suggested a restaurant that he knew I didn’t want to go to.  Not sure of the logic there.  I countered with another, much nicer place, so off we went.  
We went there and we were the only customers, for the first five minutes!  After that quite a few other customers arrived and we ordered.  F had tempura on rice, I had salmon and salmon roe on rice and it was yummy.  I really enjoyed the meal.  If you are counting, that’s two meals of fish today for me.  Weird!

We went to the local cinema after dinner and saw Still Life with Eddie Marsan and Joanne Froggatt.  It was great.   It was a quiet little movie, but very moving in so many ways.  It was about a council worker who made the final arrangements for people who had died alone.  He arranged funerals and tried to find relatives or friends to contact.  It doesn’t sound terribly exciting, and true enough, there aren’t any car chases, but it was riveting.  After the film, F looked at me and said, “I liked it!” and he never says that without me asking for his opinion first.  

We came home after the movie, although I would have liked to go out for a bit.  We watched some TV, or at least I did.  I watched a few odd things tonight, Helix, Penny Dreadful and then Marple.  The last one wasn’t odd at all, but it did have Benedict Cumberbatch in it tonight, and Tim Brooke-Taylor (from The Goodies) and the woman that played Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter movies so quite cool!

That brings me up to now, and now is when I am thinking of heading to bed!  For a change I have no idea what we will get up to tomorrow, so come back later and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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