March 22, 2015

Sunday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning to an empty apartment.  I worked on my computer for a while, then decided to get dressed. I even finished a book I was reading on my phone! F didn’t come back until after 1:30.  We talked about going out for lunch, but I wasn’t terribly hungry.  I suggested going to Subway in the mall.  F liked that idea, so off we went.

In the mall, F had a ham sandwich and I had one of roast beef.  It was really good. We went to the grocery store and each picked out a bottle of wine.  Mine was for cooking, his was for drinking! After that, we had a drink in Doutors.  

We checked out the hundred yen shop and then came home. A little later, F went over to his mother’s and walked the dog and did a few other things there.  He came home again and we started to think about dinner.

I suggested going to the Nepal/Indian restaurant because I wanted some naan and curry.  F said it was a good idea, but when we started out, we discussed our stomach’s conditions.  Neither of us felt 100% great, so changed our minds.  I suggested a Japanese/western restaurant near one of the grocery shops and F agreed, once he remembered which one I meant!

We went there and had a really good meal.  F had a Japanese dish that looked really interesting, and I had a more western meal that included soup, salad and a grilled pork cutlet.  We both got dessert.  Because I don’t drink coffee these days, I got my coffee switched to oolong tea so I was happy.  

After dinner, we bought a few groceries in the Pal shopping area and then came home.  We had a quiet evening and I didn’t turn on the TV until time for Downton Abbey.  It was a good episode tonight.  It was Sybil’s wedding.  I did a bit of crochet during the show.  I’m a bit worried about my tension!  I might be making the squares too big to match the other ones.  Sigh.

Anyway, F went to bed a while ago and I really should go soon.  I had a surprisingly enjoyable weekend.  It was so nice not to fight about food for a change.  In the last couple of months we’ve bought the local “foodie” magazine and have been using it as a guide to find good and new places.  It has worked for us.  Yay!

I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow. I have a parcel to mail and I have a few postcards I need to send as well.  I’d also like to buy some train tickets, so come back and find out what I end up doing.  Until tomorrow….


Mieko said...

These days domestic foodie magazine s are published, which foucos only one city or a prefecture, which foucos sly one kind of good such as noodle or all types of foods.
They are fun. Do you have500 yen lunch passport book in your city or town?

Helen said...

I don't think we have a lunch passport book, but the one we buy might be similar. Many restaurants in Shonai present their special dishes, there are some coupons and it is a good way for us to find out about places in our area.

Shonai is quite a big area land-wise, but not so big people-wise!

The last magazine we bought introduced nice lunches. We've enjoyed some good meals because of the book!

Thank you for visiting :-)