March 25, 2015

Wednesday - Cloudy with some rain or snow

A mildly okay day.

I went to bed early last night because the whole fight with my husband had upset me so much that my body went into a protective mode.  I took a hot water bottle with me and as a result was too hot for most of the night.  I woke up around 3:30 last night and laid there, very awake for a while before I fell back asleep.  This morning, just to prove his point and be a total git, F didn’t turn off his alarm when he got up.  I debated throwing it on the floor, but didn’t.  

I got up around 8 and watched BBC news on TV.  That’s one benefit to getting up early! Not enough however.  

As someone was off at work, I could relax and enjoy my day.  I did my usual things and enjoyed them too.  I finally finished a chapter in Middlemarch, read the paper and watched my shows.  During the day I scanned my cards that I have received recently and also priced flights back to Canada. Sadly, a bit out of my budget at the moment unless it is an emergency situation.  

I had a nice lunch and watched the TV that I DVR’d last night.  I didn’t go out today.  I probably should have, I probably will tomorrow.  

I wasn’t sure when F would come home. I figured that he was still avoiding me.  A bit after 7 I started preparing my dinner.  Sure enough, he came home then.  He wasn’t rude which quite surprised me.  I asked if he had eaten, he had.  He’d cooked for his mother. I continued my cooking.  Tonight I had a quite nice meal of garlic sauteed chicken (prepared in the store, I cooked it), snow peas, and a veggie stir-fry.  I just realized that I had lettuce too, but I forgot about it.  Oh well, something green to eat at lunch I guess.  

We’ve talked, but not really.  

Anyway, I’m going to end this now.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen tonight, I’ll be sure and fill you all in tomorrow.  Come back and find out what I get up to then.   Until tomorrow….

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