March 27, 2015

Friday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and had my usual kind of morning.  I rather enjoyed myself.  I read the paper, had breakfast and watched my shows.  Lovely!

In the afternoon I ended up re-watching Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont.  It’s a lovely little movie, I adore Joan Plowright in it.  

After the movie, I went out.  I took my postcards to the post office and while I was there I deposited some coins into my account.  Yay.

I went to S-Mall and had a very late lunch at Doutors followed by a little bit of shopping.  I didn’t buy much, but did get some things for baking.  I picked up a couple of Subway Sandwiches for my dinner and then came home.  

I watched a bit of TV and then got out the bread maker.  I made some Hot Cross Buns tonight.   Well, I tried anyway.  I’m not sure how good they are.  I’ll try them again in the morning.  Okay for a first attempt I’m sure.  

During the rising times I had my dinner.  I really didn’t finish baking until fairly late. I watched a bit of telly and then decided to put in a DVD that a friend loaned me.  I’m on my third episode tonight of Mr. Selfridge.  I really should stop soon because it is late and I’m sure F’ll be champing at the bit tomorrow morning!

And that was my day.  I was quite surprised that my DH didn’t phone me at all, but maybe his phone wasn’t charged? I did have a nice day, it was very enjoyable.  I honestly have no idea what I’m going to get up to tomorrow. Come back then and find out!  Until tomorrow….

*Posted late because the Internet Provider was doing maintenance and I couldn't access the internet last night when I tried to post.*

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