March 5, 2015

Thursday - Rainy with bits of snow

An okay day.

I had a horrible time getting to sleep last night.  F had decided to clean his room up but started at 2 am, around the time I was thinking of going to bed.  I went about half past and there was a lot of thumping and bumping in the room next door.  Sigh.  I didn’t sleep at all well that night.  I had also drunk too much tea before bed and was getting up a lot because of that too.  

F got up around 6:30 and went over to his mother’s to walk the dog.  He came back around 7:10 and picked me up.  I was mostly ready then.  We drove off towards the Internet Cafe (and F’s work).  He stopped at a conbini and got himself a coffee and some onigiri, but I didn’t want anything.  

I went into the Internet Cafe and was able to get a massaging chair right away.  I was there for the next 4 and a bit hours.  It was nice.  I dozed a little, watched some cool TV (Father Brown Mysteries), read a bit of my book, drank some tea.  No big whoop.  I also had their breakfast which was horrible for my diet, but I’m not complaining too much as it was a treat.  

F met me for lunch and we went to the Chinese place near our house.  I once again realized how much I dislike that place.  I had fried chicken for lunch and it was too spicy.  The soup that came with it was tasteless and I only ate half of the rice.  So, a bust for me, but if it made F happy then I don’t mind too much. 

He dropped me off at home and to be honest, I took a long nap on the couch.  I was exhausted.  I woke up around 3 when the doorbell rang.  I was surprised to see the Post Office guy there.  He had an envelope for me.  My new passport had arrived!  I signed for it and checked it out.  It was cool.  I did think that on one page, when I glanced at it, there was a picture of a Dalek.  There wasn’t really, it was the base of The Grey Cup, but I thought Dalek!  It would have been so cool!

After I woke up a bit more, I took my mail off to the post office and mailed it off.  I had put a post card in a larger envelope than usual and I paid a bit too much for it.  I also perplexed the post office workers because I had written “Do Not Bend” on it.   I had to explain what I meant.  I also got some stamps.  They are mostly ones I’ve had before, but I like them!

I came home again and waited for F to come home.  When he did, it was around 7 pm.  We went out for dinner tonight, to Kintaro Sushi.  I needed to go for something small since I was getting close to my calorie limit. I had 4 plates of sushi and that was it. It was good though.  It was a very cheap dinner!

We bought groceries for tomorrow night and then came home.  F had a not too late night tonight.  He has to get up early tomorrow morning as he is going to be driving from 7:00 am.  Poor thing.  

Tomorrow, I’ll be sending off some more postcards that I just wrote and perhaps catching up on a few things I need to do around the apartment.  Catch up with me and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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