April 12, 2015

Sunday - Sunny and warm

A good day

I got up this morning to an empty apartment. It was late, I had overslept and only woke up when F phoned me. He told me that he would be home in an hour. I got dressed, made the bed, and turned on the TV. House was on, and it was the one that I missed on Thursday so I started to watch it. Of course, F came home in the middle of the show. He wanted to go out for lunch immediately but I didn't want to. I asked him to wait for 12 minutes but he heard 20 minutes. He decided to make himself some ramen instead. He was quite angry with me but when House was over I was ready to go. He hurriedly ate his ramen and we went out.

We went to Café Soco in Voice. Today I had curry and it came with a salad and soup. I chose oolong tea and hot tea to drink. F had the same dish but he had coffee and cola to drink. We added on dessert and it was very nice. Dessert was a small medley of fruit, a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream with kinako and a small slice of baked cheesecake. It was all delicious and a good value for 200 yen. I asked F if he wanted to do something after lunch and he said he had no idea. I suggested going to the beach and that's what we did.

It was a lovely day and driving to the beach was enjoyable. We parked the car and went for a walk along the shore. As usual at this time of year the beach was very dirty. We picked up seashells and I picked up a piece of sea glass too. It really was a lovely day to be at the beach. I would have been happy if we had stayed there longer but we left.

These were gorgeous, but I left them on the beach. 

We made a brief stop in the Tomato Shop and had a look around. Neither of us was in the mood to buy anything, so we left soon afterwards. F suggested going to the Mikawa Mall to see if there was a movie soon.  I was ambivalent really, but since he wasn’t doing that well, said it was fine.

We got to the mall and checked out the listing.  The one film worth seeing wasn’t on until 6:35, so we decided to come back.  I asked if we could go to the wool shop, and F wanted the bank machine.  I ended up getting some quite pretty blue yarn that I have plans for.  I hope it’s something that won’t take too long to make! 

We came back to Tsuruoka because F had to go over to his mother’s after a while to walk the dog.  When he got back, we headed back out to the mall. 

We had a quick and okay dinner of bibinba and then went to the movie.  We went to see Elsa & Fred with Shirley Maclaine and Christopher Plummer.  I wish I liked it better than I actually did! Christopher Plummer was as good as always, but I’m not a fan of Shirley Maclaine so I really didn’t need to see this movie.

After the movie we bought F some shoes and then some razors.  I hope he remembers to use them in the morning.  His moustache is looking quite bad!

We drove back to Tsuruoka and went for groceries.  I have a cunning plan for dinner tomorrow.  I’m hoping it all turns out well! I haven’t told F what I’m making…I just decided that he didn’t need to know quite yet. I also was lucky enough to find the Darjeeling tea on sale finally so I got two boxes.  It was 93 yen per box and is a foreign import, so yeah, I bought it.  I also got a new little teapot.  I can heat up the water in the microwave so that is a new way of saving energy.  I’ll wash the pot tomorrow and try it out.  Yay me.  

At home I put away the groceries and then I watched Undercover Boss.  It was quite good as it was about a boss in a wedding dress company.  I enjoyed it.  F watched election results afterwards. He wasn’t too happy, but I try to keep my nose out of it all.  

Tomorrow I have to do a bit of cooking early, and then we’ll see what I get up to.  Wish me luck and all that cool stuff.  Oh, yes, the first two or three paragraphs of tonight’s entry were “written” by my computer’s dictation programme.  It did okay, but it didn’t understand a few things such as every time I said “F” it came up with a new word and it didn’t capitalize when I wanted it to.  I also had to manually correct it.  I don’t really know how to use it, so it could be operator error too.  Until tomorrow….

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