April 15, 2015

Wednesday - Sunny in the daytime with some cloud and rain later on

An okay day.

I woke up this morning at 8 am when F woke up late and loudly.  Yikes.  He is usually out the door before 7:30 as he has to go to his mother’s before work.  He dressed hurriedly and left.  I didn’t go back to bed, I stayed up.  BBC in America was on so I watched that and made some tea for myself. 

I watched a bit of tv, finished knitting my swatch and got on with my day.  Around 11:30 I took a shower and then afterwards I noticed that F had called me.  He invited me out for lunch and I said okay.  

He took me to the Chinese place near the bridge.  We had to sit on tatami which I dislike (because I hate taking off my shoes and then putting them back on later) but had a fairly decent meal.  I had a bacon and vegetable stir-fry that came with rice, soup, some eggplant stew and pickles.  It was okay, probably the best meal I’ve had there, which really isn’t saying much.  F brought me back home afterwards and I got on with things.

I watched Broadchurch and a few things that I had recorded, then about 4 episodes of Project Runway.  I loved that. I don’t care if they were repeats.  I spent a lot of time on my computer today, but I didn’t mind at all. 

When F finally came home it was almost 7 pm.  We discussed dinner plans and he suggested one Japanese place that was absolutely fine.  I suggested another one that we’ve just started to go to as a possible other choice.  We decided to go there, and tried to.  It was closed sadly.  And thus began our sad evening.  We drove towards F’s first choice and just as we got there he suggested a new Korean place that he’d just seen.  I like Korean food so said that would be great.  The problem was…he couldn’t find it.  He thought it was down one street, so we drove along and didn’t find it.  He turned into a store’s parking and came back.  Then, he turned into the parking lot of a Japanese ramen and set meal restaurant. What the heck? The sign on the door said they closed at 8:00pm and it was after 7:30…not a great time to show up in Japan.  

We went in and they said it was okay.  I was pretty upset because I didn’t want Japanese food of any sort.  F chooses some big yakiniku meal with ramen on the side, and I couldn’t face having rice twice in one day.  I ended up having udon with meat.  It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t good either.  We’ve never been there before and I don’t have any idea why he chose that place in particular.  And, to make everything even better…he only had big bills, so I had to give him most of the money for our dinner!

Of course, on the detoured course that he brought us back to our area on, he drove right by the Korean restaurant that he mentioned.  I was so annoyed.  I tried to make the best of things, but the food didn’t agree with me and I’ve had a touch of indigestion all night.  So, thanks to my husband, I had two pretty bad meals today.  I would have preferred so many other restaurants, but he wasn’t interested in them.  

We bought groceries for tomorrow.  F is going to make a nabe tomorrow night.  I think I’ll be on strike! 

We had a good evening at home.  I came to the couch…had to tell F that I was going to sit beside him…and did a bit of knitting for two hours.  It was quite therapeutic for me. 

And, I had some sort of spat with my sister about whether I was being sarcastic when I expressed sympathy for her dental pain.  I actually wasn’t.  I can see why she thought I was, because I am quite sarcastic normally, but I wasn’t on this occasion.  

Anyway, that’s about it for me for today.  I’m not sure what I’ll get up to. Why don’t you come back and see?  Until tomorrow….

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