April 21, 2015

Tuesday - Rainy but clear in the afternoon

An okay day.

I got up early this morning and came through to the living room to watch my TV show and check things on my computer.  I did that, and then I started looking up workouts on Youtube.  On the weekend I bought myself a resistance band and I did a bit of a workout with it today.  It didn’t feel bad at the time, but tonight I can feel it a little.  I found a better workout later, I think I’ll try it tomorrow.  

I had a quiet day at home.  I scanned my cards in the afternoon, then ran them off to the post office around 5 pm.  When I came back I started working on dinner.  I made Simple Soy Sauce Chicken again, but I changed it up a bit because I didn’t have mushrooms.  I decided to use onions instead, and I put in a clove of garlic. I cooked it, and then I made myself some couscous and then stir-fried a few snow peas and a shallot.  I hung off eating because I wasn’t sure if F was going to want to eat with me or not. 

He finally came home.  He was quiet but did answer me when I talked to him. He said that he wasn’t feeling great and didn’t want dinner.  I went ahead and ate.  My chicken was quite nice.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was okay.  I ate some and left some for tomorrow’s lunch.  F went and made himself some ramen after I finished in the kitchen.  Sigh.

We had a very quiet evening. I started my column finally. Hurray. F watched a bunch o’TV tonight but I announced I was going to watch something at 10 pm and did.  I also finished the little hat that I knitted.  I am pleased with it.  It looks cute.  I’ll include a picture I took yesterday before I finished it.  

I just have to gather the top and sew it down.  It's done now, but I haven't take a picture of it yet.

F had a couple of beers tonight and then fell asleep on top of my bags of yarn on the couch. Well, at least they are soft!  I got the second bag of yarn today, but I still haven’t heard from the company regarding the missing ball of yarn.  

Anyway, tomorrow F has half of the day off work.  His mother is going out of town for a party and I think we’re going to go to the house for a bit.  F  has to take care of his dog and then I’m hoping to pick up a few things from my old closets, or at least see if there’s anything that I can still use or wear!  Wish me luck with that. He’s also off work on Thursday so I’m not sure how that will go.  Fingers crossed it’ll be okay. I’ll try and update…come back and see if I do. Until tomorrow….

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