April 22, 2015

Wednesday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched my telly, then I did something a little out there for me.  I did a resistance band workout.  It was a bit tough on me because I’m so out of shape, but it was good for me too.  I enjoyed it.  

I showered and had breakfast, then a little later, after Broadchurch was on, I had a small lunch too.  I wasn’t sure if F would want to have lunch with me or if he’d already had it.  

He came home after 3:30 as he said he would and then changed his clothes.  He wanted to go straight over to his mum’s house, but I asked that we go to the craft store first.  I’d checked my hooks earlier in the day and surprisingly, I didn’t have the right size for the blanket I’m making. I did a very quick run to Tokai and honestly, just looked at hooks.  (Okay, maybe I glanced at some fancy scarf material, but it was on sale and I didn’t touch it!)

We went to F’s house. I saw the dog and he was funny.  He used to go crazy anytime I went near him, today he was all happy and loving to me.  I guess he has mellowed!  I went upstairs with my suitcase and started trying on clothes and packing some of them.  I brought back a suitcase full of stuff, I have no idea where I’m going to put it, but I’ll have to wash it all first anyway.  I found a couple of pairs of pants over there that fit me much better than anything I’ve been wearing here for the last few months, plus some nice blouses and a few skirts.  I really should wear more skirts! The room was left in a mess and since I’m not really welcome there when F’s mother is around, I haven’t had a chance to tidy it up at all.  

F wanted to have dinner, so we left for a while.  We went to a nearby Korean restaurant, the one we were trying to find a couple of weeks ago and had dinner.  It was really good.  We both had bibinba and ordered a chichime and some chapchae. The food was really good.

After dinner, we went back to F’s mum’s house and I went upstairs and did a bit of tidying up.  One of the bad things that happened is a few plastic bags have started to biodegrade.  What a mess.  I picked up some of the pieces, put some of my books in a box and tidied up some of the video tapes.  (Yes video tapes!) There are oodles of things that I could clean up, but I didn’t have the time.  I took out two bags of garbage from the room.  I hope that helps.  

We came home via a convenience store to get a drink. I was parched in the room upstairs. At home, I watched Nikita and a bunch of other stuff.  At 10 pm I went over to the couch and made a couple of squares for the blanket that I have to make.  So far, so good.  

F went to bed around midnight as he had a busy day at work during the bit he worked. We had a nice afternoon and evening together.  

F is off work tomorrow and has a few plans for himself.  He has to go to his house in the morning and take care of the dog, then he might have a massage or something.  I am hoping to have a relaxing morning, maybe try out another workout, sans the resistance bands, and then join up with F for something interesting.  

Check back later to see what we end up doing.  Until tomorrow....

PS…oh, before I forget, here’s a picture of the finished hat that I made. 

Flat, from the side

Top view


Rosa said...

The hat is super cute. I love the calm colors, too.

Helen said...

Thank you! I found the pattern on line, and it was very easy!

I like the colours too :-)