April 23, 2015

Thursday - Warm & Sunny

A good day. 

F had gone to bed last night without changing his clothes.  I had told him to change, but he didn’t wake up enough to do it. He got up quite early this morning.  At one point I found him hunched over his computer on the couch.  I suggested he get more sleep and I think he did for a bit. 

I got up around 8:30 and F was still in the apartment.  He’d been over to his mother’s and had walked the dog, but was back.  He didn’t leave!  I wanted to do my grande lady on the couch thing, but he was taking up half of it, so I made do with the other half! Finally, he did go to see a dermatologist and I was left in peace for a bit.  I watched my show, had some tea, and then did a bit of a walking workout.  I’m not doing anything really intense, I’m much too out of condition to do that, but I did enjoy this one.  It was just walking, no resistance bands.  I was quite surprised though when the host said that we were past the halfway point because I was enjoying myself.  Strange!

He phoned to say he was on his way back, but I was in the process of jumping in the shower.  I did that and then came through to the living room to discuss lunch.  I suggested going to the Grande El Sun to see their newly renovated restaurant.  Before we left, we stripped our bed and took the bedding with us.  

We had lunch at East, the cafe in the Grande El Sun and it was nice.  The restaurant had been re-done, but it seemed smaller and not as fun as it was before.  They added more private rooms in the back, and perhaps a few new chairs and tables to the room.  For now, the prices seemed the same.  The food size, however, hadn’t changed.  It was small.  Really small.  I felt sorry for F because it was obviously a “Ladies who lunch” sort of place.  We were both a bit hungry afterwards.  

We went over to the laundromat in Voice and I got F to check about the washing machines.  They have a couple of programmes and I wanted to be sure that I used the correct ones.  I volunteered to stay with the laundry while F went to pick up his brand new tires for his car.  We both did what we said.  I enjoyed it.  It was quiet in the laundromat so I got a bit of reading done and yet I wasn’t at home! When the wash was done, I threw it in a couple of dryers and put in money.  F came back when there was about 10 minutes left on the dryers.  When they were done, we checked things and then started folding up the laundry.  We got it all done and then left.  We came home and made the bed.  Together.  Without arguing!  It can be done!

F wanted to go and have dinner early, so that was fine.  He wanted to go to a diner place that he likes, but I wasn’t feeling the Japanese food today.  He suggested another place that sounded interesting so off we went.  We drove to Amarume and parked.  We walked into the building with the restaurant but I noticed a sign up in the lobby.  F had walked past it.  I made him come back and look at it.  The restaurant was being re-done and would re-open tomorrow.  Oh no!  Off by a day!

We had to go somewhere else and did.  We went to the Geodesic Dome restaurant.  Of course, that isn’t the name, but it is in my head.  We had a pretty good meal there.  We both had fish, which came with soup, rice, dessert and a drink. 

We bought a few groceries tonight.  We’re going to have some leftovers tomorrow night and pancakes.  I have designated tomorrow as breakfast for dinner day! At least that’s what I say now.  

We had a quiet night in.  I did a bit of crochet on the couch, F fell asleep and went to bed early.  He’s back at work tomorrow.  I am planning to do a bit of laundry.  I have to wash some of the clothes that I brought over from F’s house, and maybe some of my regular clothes too.  I also have to do some writing on my Journal column.  The deadline is coming up soon.

Please comeback later to find out just what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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