April 25, 2015

Saturday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up to an empty apartment so I took a shower and then decided to have breakfast.  F had told me that he wouldn’t be home until after lunch, so thought I was quite justified!  Of course, he came back when I was eating my granola.  He had some ramen and then started watching boxing.  I was tired, so went back to bed.  A bit later I wasn’t alone anymore.  We had a snuggle and then got up and decided to go out.  

We went out to one of F’s fish restaurants, but it was closed.  He took me over to the Busankan and went to another fish restaurant.  It wasn’t bad. 

After lunch, we tried to go to karaoke, but couldn’t get in anywhere.  They were all booked up! Instead, we went to S-Mall and had drinks at Doutor.  We bought something for F’s mum at the grocery store and then F dropped me at home and went to see her. 

I got a bag of stuff ready for my later amusement, and then when F came home, we went for dinner.  We went to Bikkuri Donkey!! and it was nice.  I had my usual, F had a hamburger with potatoes and cheese in the middle.  He didn’t like it all that much.

We drove over to the Internet Cafe and were lucky enough that we could get massaging chairs.  It was lovely to be able to sit there and be pummelled.  I read the newspaper while I was there and then did rather a lot of crochet!  I watched a couple of episodes of Poirot and one of Hannibal, so I was well entertained.  

We left just before 11 and came home.  I’ve been watching a bit of telly and enjoyed it.  I think I’ll go to bed soon as I’m rather tired.  

What will I get up to tomorrow?  I have no idea, so come back later and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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