April 3, 2015

Friday - Rainy and more rainy

A good day.

I got up early this morning and relaxed on the couch for a while.  I felt a bit like this morning was one that I got to enjoy myself for a bit!

I had a quiet day really.  I scanned my cards early and ran them to the post office before 4 pm.  I needed to make a transfer at the ATM and did that too. Unfortunately, my book was filled up and I had to go into the branch to get a new one.  The lady gave me a new book and I set out again into the storm.  You’d have laughed at my glamorous appearance!  I had on short rubber boots, jeans that are too big for me, and best of all, my red Tokyo Disneyland rain cape!  And, I still got soaked.  

When I came home I hung up my rain cape in the shower room, and stripped off my jeans and hung them up too.  I changed into something warmer.

F called to say he was on his way to his mother’s house and I asked him to buy us something for dinner.  I had decided to serve the rest of the chicken adobo in wraps, but I thought a bit of greenery would go well with it.  He looked at the grocery store he get’s his mother’s food at, but said there wasn’t anything.  

When he came home, he changed and then we went to the store for some food.  I picked up some chopped cabbage, and a pasta-vegetable salad.  When we came home, I had dinner on the table very quickly and it was amazing!  I served the wraps with the leftover veggies, plus the new ones.  There was cheese if we wanted it, plus mayo and hot sauce.  The wraps were amazing.  Seriously good!

I did the dishes.  F offered, but I’m going to be away so it isn’t a big deal, plus there wasn’t very much to do anyway.  

We had a quiet evening at home.  I’ve been putting things in my suitcase and charging up various electrical appliances so that they’ll last for the day tomorrow.  I think I’m nearly done.  

Tomorrow morning I’ll shower and then F will drop me off at the station.  I’ll be in Niigata overnight, but I should come back on Sunday evening, if all goes well.  I hope to see you then, unless I’m really, really tired.  Until next time then….

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