April 9, 2015

Thursday - Warm and sunny

An odd day.

I got up this morning on time and had my usual kind of relaxing morning again.  This morning for breakfast I had some chocolate quinoa cereal.  That was quite good.  I’m not sure if it was extremely healthy but it sounds like it should be!

In the afternoon I had lunch.  I had my second baked stuffed potato and it was yummy.  After I did the dishes, I was getting ready to go out when F came home to use the facilities.  I left anyway.  I went outside and waited until he left and had a little chat with him.  We both left and went our separate ways.  

I bicycled over to the mall and was going to go to my coffee shop.  However, there was a man outside the coffee shop causing a ruckus.  He was old and was either shouting, or speaking very loudly.  He was crouched on the ground and didn’t seem to want to move on.  I detoured to a bench to get my wallet and glasses out of my bag, and then went back to the restaurant.  By this time there was a security guard talking to the man and it looked like he was escorting the old man out of the building.  

I had my Royal Soy Milk Tea and read part of my Journal. I enjoyed it.  After a bit I went to the grocery store.  I got myself some yogurt.  I was going to get more stuff but I decided not to since I didn’t want to pay for it!

I came home and a little while later, F did too.  He was supposed to help me with dinner, but didn’t really at first.  I offered to cut up the cabbage, so I shredded it.  That wasn’t good enough.  He complained but didn’t really explain what he did want.  Then, he took a nap.  Seriously, he slept on the couch for 30 minutes.  I was starving and not really too impressed with him.  I was even less impressed when he chopped up all of the cabbage I had shredded into tiny little pieces.  That was so annoying.

When he was ready, I came to the table and we made okonomiyaki.  He’d put too much water in the mix and the  pancakes were much too thin.  He also didn’t really want to cook them properly.  We have different standards for doneness.  The okonomiyaki did taste fairly good at least!  On the second one, I very carefully didn’t put a lot of sauce or mayonnaise on my half, however, F cut it on an angle so he ended up with half of mine.  I was really annoyed.

It seemed to me that everything F did was annoying me so I tried really hard not to show it.  I missed House because we still weren’t finished eating at 9 pm.  I started to do the dishes which was a pain because I had burned my finger earlier in the day and my finger hurt in the water.  Nonetheless, I did the dishes and at one point F came over for water.  No problem.  Two seconds later, he came back for more and I tried to joke with him that he couldn’t have anymore. He got angry with me and left the room.  I apologized, but really, I wasn’t sure why he got so huffy.  Maybe he picked up on my general pissed off at him mood?

He tried to turn on the TV at 9:45 or so and I told him it was fine, but I’d be watching Bones at 10.  He set up the TV for me, which wasn’t what I wanted, but so what.  

Things got a bit better and I made some of my very nice new tea for us.  He buggered off to bed around 11 though. He didn’t take a bath again. He claims that he had an onsen bath yesterday.  He didn’t tell me that yesterday.  

Anyway, I also got some good news about something that had happened a few years ago.  I had lost two on-line gaming accounts because my accounts had been hacked about 4 years ago and today, the company returned my accounts to me.  I’m not sure if they believe me that I’d been hacked, or if I was so persistent that they gave up on fighting me, but I’m glad!  I lost millions of points, many cool possessions, but I did get my accounts back.  Yay!

So, tomorrow I might do a bit of laundry, hopefully some reading and I’m supposed to cook dinner too.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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