May 10, 2015

Sunday - Cloudy and humid

Not a great day.

I woke up this morning on the couch.  I had gone to bed late last night and around 3:30 had a huge coughing fit.  I couldn’t get to sleep, so came through and sat up on the couch.  I did manage a few hours and then when F got up, went back to bed and slept a little longer.

When I got up I was rather displeased to see some pus like stuff in my right eye. Oh no! I cleaned out my eyes as best I could.

F had to have his shakken done today…nope, not a fancy new-age thing, his car roadworthiness check done. He suggested dropping off the car and then going to Cocos which is next to the car dealership.  That’s about what we did.  When we got to the car place, we sat down, were treated to a drink of our choice and F and the guy talked for a bit about the check and other business.  F said we’d be back at 1 pm and off we went for lunch.

Cocos was quite busy today, but we got a table and then had a nice lunch.  I had a burger with vegetables, and we each had the Mother’s Day crepe.  I didn’t think they’d be big enough to share.  We could have, but didn’t!

Lunch was nice, and then we walked back to the dealership.  F picked up the car, paid and we drove off to look at Mother’s Day presents for his mother.  He found her a nice little potted plant in the mall, and then also picked up something for her dinner too.  Since I was suffering ….my eyes were hurting something fierce,…I just wanted to go home.  

We went home and relaxed for a bit.  F napped and then went over to his mum’s.  He reported back that she liked the flowers and the food.  Yay for him.  All his idea this year.

For dinner I suggested one place, F suggested another.  I didn’t mind so we went there.  It was okay.  I had oyaku-ju which is apparently oyakudon in a box. Mine was okay, but F didn’t like his ramen.  

After dinner we bought groceries in the MaxValu near the restaurant.  It was a fun experience as they had a lot of things that we don’t see at our regular store. We came home and then had a quiet night in.  

Poor F is still barking away.  His cough sounds quite bad.  My eyes are running, itching and weeping and I’m coughing and blowing my nose too, so I’m not really in good condition either.  We are quite the pair.  Hopefully F will be able to either take a little time off tomorrow night to take us to the doctor or will finish early enough to take us both there.  I’m going to try and be ready for the end of his work day.  

That’s about it for me.  I am hoping that I’ll be able to sleep in bed tonight.  Wish me luck with that! Come back again and find out if I have improved at all. Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Oh, man, your poor eyes! Sounds like you really picked up a nasty virus. Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

Helen said...

Thank you. It's back to the doctor for me today. Very tired of this cold and quite annoyed at my DH for giving it to me!