May 12, 2015

Tuesday - Cloudy then rainy, muggy.

An okay day.

I got up this morning and then relaxed on the couch while trying to watch a bit of telly.  I also took a shower this morning because I won’t have time to take one tomorrow. I felt quite a bit better for most of the day, but have started coughing a bit more as the day goes on.  My eyes have mostly cleared up too.  They are still a little sore and itchy, but they don’t look as bad as they did and they aren’t really watery now.  Yay for that.

In the afternoon I scanned my postcards and then I stamped them as best I could.  After that, I biked off to the post office to buy more stamps and send them.  I got some new stamps and popped the cards in the mail, then biked home again.  It had started raining mildly while I was in the post office, so I hurried home again.  

At home I started getting the kitchen back into shape.  It wasn’t an easy prospect as it had been a while since I’ve done real cooking.  I tidied a little, washed the dishes, and got a little start on dinner.  F called to say he was on his way so I started looking up recipes.  I wanted a roasted broccoli recipe and I did find a couple, but then decided since I was tired anyway, I wouldn’t do a good job of it.  I just decided to steam it.  Easy-peasy….

F was tired when he came home.  He’s got a big cough still too.  I’ve gotten better over the week, he’s still sick from before me. 

I cooked dinner.  Tonight was just pasta with duck breast, steamed broccoli, and a salad.  It was nice.  F did the dishes, I’m happy to say because I was exhausted from cooking.  I feel like this stupid cold has taken all my energy away.

Tonight, F watched the news in English and then when he took his bath I watched Criminal Minds and then Drop Dead Diva.  I’m so ready for that show to end.  At first I liked it, but then it got so odd.  They don’t seem to do the things I liked in the past anymore.  I liked it when she’d have little dreams and Tim Gunn or Paula Abdul would show up.  It started to take itself too seriously I think. 

Tomorrow morning if all is well for my friend, I’m going to go out early and meet her at the local theater.  We want to go and see Boyhood, and then we’ll likely have lunch.  We haven’t had a solo day out for a while, so I’m looking forward to it.  Come back a bit later and find out how the movie was, and if I walked to the theater.  Until tomorrow….

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