May 16, 2015

Saturday - Muggy and sunny too

A good day.  I didn’t mean to, but I overslept this morning.  Yup, got up early to use the washroom then slept through the rest of my alarms.  I did get up before F took his mother to the dentist though.  Yay me.  I plied him with some of my cold brewed tea.  Nice of me!

While he was gone I got dressed and made the bed, I relaxed a bit and had breakfast.  When he came back, we talked about our lunch and decided to go to a restaurant behind the shopping area Pal.  I wanted to go to the hundred yen shop, and that let us kill two birds with one drive.  We went to the restaurant and it was quiet!  We were the only customers.  F had ramen, which he liked (!) and I had vegetable stir-fry.  It had pork in it of course, but was nice.  F worried that because I had just the stir fry and no rice or miso soup that I was deprived, but honestly, it was perfect that way!

After the shopping we came home.  We had to check on some test results from last week.  F called the doctor but they asked us to call back later.  Ack!  I was convinced something was wrong.  However, when F called again, the doctor said there were no problems and everything that should be negative was.  Whew!

F went over to his house to check on his mum and his dog again and then came home.  We discussed dinner and decided we wanted Indian food.  We chose to go to the new restaurant which is closer than the older one.  We went and had a good meal.  I had butter chicken today, which was probably too tomatoey for me, and F had saag chicken.  He didn’t like his, but I thought it was nice and garlicky.  We left the restaurant quite stuffed and went to the theater.  We were quite lucky to get a parking space as there was a street festival nearby and people were parked in the parking lot.  

We went into the theatre, bought our tickets and got drinks.  I decided first that I didn’t want popcorn and then F decided he didn’t either.  Drinks were enough. We went to see The Theory of Everything about Stephen Hawking and his marriage to Jane.  Eddie Redmayne was really good and I think did deserve his Academy Award.  His physical transformation over Hawking’s life looked painful.  

After the movie we went to Mr Donuts for tea or coffee and a donut.  I had a doughnut, sue me!  It was quite nice actually.  It was also nice to be out with F and be able to chat a bit.

We came home, watched a bit of TV and I did some crochet on the couch.  

I’m not sure what we’re going to do tomorrow. I’m actually hoping for a bit of Internet Cafe time as I could do with vegging time, but really I’m open to anything quiet and relaxing!  Come back and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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