May 21, 2015

Thursday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I got up fairly early this morning, and put in some couch time this morning to read my blog and watch a little telly.  I didn’t work out because I wasn’t sure if F would be back soon and I didn’t want an audience.  He’d taken the morning off so he could go to the doctor with his mother.  

While I was at home, I set up the ginger pork for tonight’s dinner.  I grated some of the ginger and mixed it with soy sauce.  I put it all back in the fridge afterwards.

F came home a little before 12 and asked if I’d like to go for lunch.

He suggested Bikkuri Donkey!! so off we went.  I didn’t have my usual there, I had a lunch special which had a lot more calories than my usual so I was a bit annoyed with myself.  Still, it was good, and it was nice to be out with F and not be in such a screaming hurry for a change.  

He dropped me off at home and then went to work after we finished our meal.  I took a look at the lobby and decided to do some sweeping as there were a bunch of leaves in the doorway and it looked very messy.  

When I went in the apartment I decided to vacuum the fans in the rooms.  I did two of them.  The one in the living room was all boxed in, so I really couldn’t do too much there, I’m kind of glad about that though.  I put away the vacuum afterwards.  

I had a quiet afternoon.  I caught up a bit on some of my recorded TV and did the odd bit of tidying up.  I also did some laundry.  

When F called to say he had left work, I decided to get dinner underway.  Tonight we were having takenoko stew/soup courtesy of F’s mother, ginger pork, swiss chard with parmesan and salad.  It all turned out quite nicely.  I did get F to heat up the soup which he did.  

Afterwards, we just had a quiet evening.  House was on and I had to watch that.  I made a pot of tea tonight, and after a bit started doing some postcrossing.  I wrote up 5 cards tonight, but I do have to print out some of the addresses tomorrow.  

And that is about that.  It turned out to be a pretty good day and I liked it!  If you come back later you can find out about my Friday!  Until tomorrow ….


Rosa said...

I know how you feel about exercising in front of an audience (even an audience of one's own husband). I hate that! It used to make going to the gym really uncomfortable. When I was in college, one of the guys who worked there used to stand on the steps and just stare at me. So bizarre.

But it sounds like it was a good day anyway! The ginger pork sounds yummy. Sometimes I wish I didn't live with a vegetarian.

Helen said...

The exercising bit is mostly because I have to move the couch to have enough space to move around, so if he came home, I'd be in the way. I'm also a bit clumsy still for some of the moves so I'd rather not have an audience for them!

The ginger pork was pretty easy to make, so you could make it for yourself. I suppose you could use tofu or something for Dave if you wanted.

I just peeled some ginger and then grated it, mixed it with soy sauce and then poured it over the really thin slices of pork that we get here (if you remember...something like ⅛ of a pork chop!) and then put it back in the fridge for the day. I just fried them later on. They cook so fast because they are so thin.

My comment is just about as long as today's entry!

Rosa said...


I could slice up some pork loin really thin, since we don't have those paper thin bits of meat that the Japanese are so fond of. I'll try it next time Dave's out of town, that way I won't have to cook two meals. (I don't like doing that b/c often it makes for more things to clean up. It's easier to just make one vegetarian meal for both of us. I'm lazy!)

Have a great weekend!