May 22, 2015

Friday - Warm and Sunny

A good day.

I got up a little late this morning, but no big deal.  I had some tea while I watched a bit of telly.  I read email, checked my blogs and such.  Around 11:40 I decided that I’d do a workout, so I put on clothes for that, made the bed and then got ready for my workout.  And then I decided to do two shorter ones today.  And then I did them!  I finished well after 12 and I was a bit stunned that I did two workouts in a row.  Yay me.  

I did some computer stuff, read the paper and discovered that at 1pm It Could Happen To You was on, so decided to watch it for a bit while I scanned my cards.  I planned to take a shower too because I’ve seen the movie a few times.  However, F came home for a brief visit to get medicine, I got sucked into the movie, and I took a while to get my cards done.  After the movie finished, I decided to have lunch. Yay me.

Lunch today was the leftovers from Monday and Tuesday, the last of the fajitas.  So yummy.  Actually I had a big lunch because I was hungry.  All that working out!

I stamped my postcards and then took them off to the post office.  They are still doing construction on the road so I came back a different way and then got stuck while a big car parked in a small space.  

When I got home I took a quick shower and then started working on dinner.  I prepped some snow pea pods, and mentally planned out what dinner would be.  When F came home around 7 I was able to get dinner on the table fairly quickly.  It was just pasta with a choice of sauce, plus salad, lemon herb chicken, stir-fried pea pods and leftover swiss chard, but it was nice.  

F had talked about going out after dinner, so I asked what he wanted to do.  He didn’t have any ideas so I suggested walking to the local McDonald and having an ice cream.  I had just about enough calorie allowance to do it, plus the walk would be nice too.  He liked the idea, so that’s what we did.  

I had a simple ice cream cone and a drink, F had a milkshake and a drink! It was nice to just sit there and chat a little.  

We walked home again too, and then watched a bit of TV.  I did some crochet and finished the squares with 7 rounds tonight.  The only thing is that the wool is a bit dark to darn in tonight, I’ll maybe try and darn these squares one morning.  

I also joined into an area Skype chat.   The others had started as we were leaving, and were still talking.  I came in at the end, but stayed quite a while.  It was fun.  

And that’s about it.  It is very late now and I’m very tired.  I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  Please come back and find out.  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow….

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