May 23, 2015

Saturday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning, and F came home a little later.  We talked about where to have lunch and the place that F suggested sounded quite good to me, so off we went.  We went to the Old Farmhouse Restaurant.  I’m sure it has a different name, but that’s what we call it.  I had pork shabu-shabu and masu, a kind of trout.  It was nice.  

We came back into Tsuruoka and checked out the new souvenir shop near city hall.  It’s gorgeous, but didn’t have any postcards for sale.  I was a bit saddened by that.  We decided not to get a drink there this time, maybe another day.

We drove off to Yamaya to get a few import food things.  I got some couscous, herbs, sunflower seed, the usual kinds of things.  When we were paying for our groceries I realized I’d forgotten to buy the main thing I went there for, tortillas!  We paid and then went searching for them.  I found them and we bought those too!  After that, we drove to the MaxValu nearby and picked up a few things for F’s mother.  They have a few things like hamburgers and such that are vacuum sealed, so all she has to do is open them and microwave them.  I think she has rice at home too, so she’ll be able to make herself a quick and easy meal. 

We came home for a while and I put the perishables away.  F was doing the nonsense where he carries one thing out of the bag over to the fridge… I made him give me the bag of groceries.  I have no time for his slowpoke ways!

After he went to take care of his mother and dog and then returned, we decided to have dinner in Fireball.  We drove over there and had a yummy dinner.  I picked smoked salmon pasta with mushrooms in a vodka sauce, and F chose mozzarella cheese in a meat cream sauce.  They were both good.  Unfortunately, the restaurant was busy and we were already running late because someone (not me) went looking for the point card. We didn’t finish until after the movie started, so we didn’t go.  I suggested going to Mikawa to see something else, but then I suggested that we just go home instead!

At home, I was using my computer but getting very tired.  I decided to take a quick nap, so I did.  I put on my pjs and took a little sleep.  I came back to the living room at 10pm to watch How to Get Away with Murder.  It was good tonight.  I did a bit more of the crocheting tonight too. I made 4 of the really small squares tonight.  Only 12 more of them to go!

And really that’s about it.  We watched a bit more TV.  I think that tomorrow we’re going to see the movie we missed tonight, and we might even go fishing or something like that.  Come back later and find out what happens.  Until tomorrow!

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