May 25, 2015

Monday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I woke up rather early today and it was a good thing.  When I looked at the clock in the living room it said one time, and I looked at F’s alarm clock it said another.  This was about 10 minutes before F was supposed to get up for work.  I woke him up just before the alarm went off.  The alarm clock did this before too, it started showing really odd times like 7:77 and such.  I think there’s something wrong with the LCD crystals?

I went back to sleep and ended up oversleeping a bit, but I still got up.  I watched my show, then did a snooze in place on the couch.  I had a late work out and then did some stuff on my computer for a bit.

I took a shower in the afternoon and then decided to go out for my lunch.  I was late going out, but no worries.  I went to Tsuruoka Park and checked out some of the stalls that were up for the Tenjin Matsuri.  I found a stall that was selling Donair and I had one.  I haven’t had one for a couple of years and it was good.  Yum!

I came home again and started to get dinner prep done.  Tonight we were having an offshoot of takoyaki.  I had bought some Spam a few weeks ago as F wanted to try it, so I thought we could put the Spam in the takoyaki.  I made up a mix I found on the net and put it in the fridge, then got on with cutting up veggies and cheese and the like.  

When F came home we had our little fake-o-yaki party and I thought it was nice.  I was hoping that it would be more of a make your own, rather than F putting what he wanted in each little cup.  I should have explained it better I suppose.  Still, it was nice.

F did the dishes and we settled in for a nice night.  We watched a movie on TV, and I did some crochet.  Apparently the nephew that I am making the blanket for is here now.  Guess I’d better work faster!

I went back to my computer and did a few postcrossings too.  So far just three, but I hope to do more tomorrow.

So, that was that.  Quite a nice day really.  It was nice to go out in the late afternoon and see the park and all the people, it was nice to have a fun dinner with F.  Come back later to find out what I get up to next!  Until tomorrow….

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