May 27, 2015

Wednesday - Warm and sunny, rain at night

A good day.

I got up on time this morning and managed to stay awake for a change.  That was good.  At 10:30ish I started getting ready to do a workout.  Today I planned a two mile walking exercise video.  I did it, and actually kept up quite well, but the person who put it on YouTube missed out about 5 minutes of it towards the end of the workout.  I’m of two minds about that!  One, since this was my first time doing it, I was glad because I was getting tired, and Two, it’s too bad because I was enjoying myself!  F called when I was doing the cool down and I’m afraid that I wasn’t too happy to hear from him!  His timing is often bad.

He had finished at the doctor with his mother and instead of taking her out for lunch offered to take me out instead.  I didn’t mind, and he wanted to go to a Japanese style restaurant.  Not my favourite, sitting on the floor, but it was okay really.  We both had the sashimi lunch.  It was really good, but I had a piece of saba (mackeral) that had a million bones in it.  F’s of course, didn’t have nearly that many!

He brought me home and I spent a bit of time on my computer while watching an old film on NHK.  It was The Long Goodbye.  It was good and I wish I’d paid more attention to it.   When I finished my on-line stuff I put on last night’s Nikita and sat on the couch and darned in the ends of the dark squares that I had crocheted.  By the last one, I had to turn on the kitchen light to help me see as the day seemed to be getting darker.  

I then took all the squares that I have made so far and took them to the bedroom and laid them out on the bedspread so I could get a look at the colours and the feel of the thing.  I really like it to be honest, but I’m not sure about the big squares.  The 4 I have finished at the moment are a greeny-blue and they don’t go well with the dark blue or that well with the other colour I’ll be adding soon.  However, they go very nicely with the icy-blue and the light brown in the blanket.  After I make more of the big squares in the other colour I’ll re-assess and see which I prefer! Opinions are welcome in the comments!

The general layout so far.  The greeny squares don't go well with the royal blue, but are okay with the other squares, I think!

The grey yarn on top will be joining the squares, so they'll all have a row or two of that inbetween each square.  The light blue in the bottom right corner is the colour of the remaining squares.  Remind me to try the dark green ones in the corners of the blanket instead.  It would look a little different. 

F came home around 7 tonight.  He was in a good mood and seemed quite cheerful.  We spent a little time together before going out for dinner.  F suggested either yakiniku or shabu-shabu so I chose shabu-shabu as it’s been ages since we went there.  

We went to the restaurant and got a table.  Unfortunately we both ate too much.  I didn’t want to move afterwards.  I did eat quite a few veggies, but a bit too much meat and some of the prepared foods that I really shouldn’t have.  Sigh.  

We hit up the grocery store where I got a few things for the next couple of nights of dinner.  I’m thinking something really simple for tomorrow, like omelettes and maybe pasta for Friday.  That’s my plan at the moment.

We came home and I made up a crochet square in the other blue.  It is gorgeous.  I also discovered today that the yarn company did manage to match the same dye lot when they replaced the missing ball of yarn. Whew!  It makes my job so much easier!

At midnight, I prepped the garbage for going out in the morning and then settled back in at my computer for a little surf time.

Tomorrow I have an exciting day with some laundry planned at the moment, and maybe a little crochet if I think I can get away with it!  That’s it for me.  Have a good time until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I think you should follow your instincts about the dark greeny-blue squares. Maybe moving them to the corners or separating them with rows of yellow squares will work. Although once you have all the blue squares finished, you might see it differently, as shades of blue all seem to get along together in the end. (Bear in mind that I'm no good with color, so many grains of salt with my opinion!) Can't wait to see what you decide to do.

There are so many workouts on youtube, aren't there? I subscribed to one channel, but it was a little too boot-camp for me. I'm more laid back about workouts since I injured my arm (not working out, but just lazing about).

Helen said...

I was thinking about moving the greeny blue to the corners....when I have the other blue squares done I'll play around with them. As you said, blues do tend to go together so I'll see what I can do.

The exercise video I was doing was a walking at home video. I'm just starting out so anything too strenuous wouldn't be helpful. The person who does the video does mostly walking at home. It was quite fun, it was just missing about 5 minutes :-(

There are so many videos, it is really hard to know what to look at or choose. I also have limited space at home for working out so it is hard to find a good one.

Thanks for visiting :-)