May 28, 2015

Thursday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up early today and came through to the living room.  I watched a little TV and read a bit on-line.  I  even did two short workouts today.  Yay me.  I was recovering from them in front of my computer when F called and asked me to join him for lunch today.  Oh.  I said okay and we decided to go to the local Chinese place.

I changed quickly and went out to meet him.  We had a decent lunch there.  They were quite busy today.  The two of us were put at a huge table and then halfway through our time there, the waitress asked if we’d mind if someone else sat at our table.  It was fine really.  I had a shrimp and egg stirfry.  It was good, but really dumb as I was planning omelettes for dinner!  F had a marlbo-dofu (spicy tofu dish) on yaki-soba.  It looked good, but it was too much food for me.  

We came home.  F spent a couple of minutes grabbing some clean clothes for himself and then left for work again.  I started doing some laundry and watched the Laura Linney cancer show from the DVR.  It’s so good.  

I spent the afternoon doing laundry and dealing with the chair in my bedroom.  It looks rather like my clothes exploded all over it.  Then they all slide off and fall on the floor.  I picked them up, sorted them out, actually put a few away, put some to be washed and boxed up a few things to eventually be thrown away when I have the nerve.  Things like pants that are much too big or were the wrong size when I got them as presents.  

In the later part of the afternoon, I got 3 postcards in the mail, so I scanned all my incoming cards and uploaded them.  I got some interesting ones today.  

When F called to say he was on his way, I was already in the kitchen getting things ready.  I had the eggs out to come to room temp, I sliced some cheese, and some of the leftover spam.  I set the table and basically did as much as I could before F came home.  When he did come I checked that he did want dinner soon, and started cooking.  I fried the spam, and then heated up some leftover mushrooms and tandori chicken and then I made F’s omelette.  He had salad, gouda cheese and mushroom omelette, fried spam and some takenoko rice that his mother had made.  In other words, it was quite a nice dinner.  Because I’d had a few eggs at lunch I made myself a one-egg omelette with chicken in it, and had all of the things that F had with it.  Dinner was quite nice.  It wasn’t a huge scary meal to prepare, but it was good.  

F did the dishes and then when he was done, I washed and hulled some strawberries that he’d brought home with him.  F had his with some vanilla yogurt, I had mine with plain yogurt.  They were good.  

I watched House and did some crochet.  I got about 9 rounds of a square done, so just a couple more to go.  I’ll try and see if I can do more tomorrow.  When my time was up, I had a snuggle with F and then came back to watch Bones and do some Postcrossing.  I only wrote up 3 cards tonight, if I have time tomorrow I’ll do a couple more, or not.  No worries!

I watched a bit more TV tonight.  The channel that gets most of the shows I like has terrible reception, so I often watch the shows twice just to see what I missed the first time.  Last week I DVR’d Castle as we were out but the reception was terrible and the show split into 3 parts on the recorder!  I couldn’t understand a lot of the programme, but tonight the reception was good and I found out what went on.  Yay! 

And that is a good place to leave things off.  Tomorrow F has to drive someone out of town at work, I’ll be around the apartment but will run to the post office at least. You’ll find out what is up when you return!  Until tomorrow….

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