May 8, 2015

Friday - Warm & Sunny

Another day, another sick day!

I didn’t sleep well last night.  I had told the doctor yesterday that my nose didn’t stop running, so he must have given me something to plug it up.  Of course, that meant I couldn’t breathe last night.  F slept on the couch, I tried to sleep in bed, but I’m not sure if either of us got that much sleep.  

He went off to work this morning and surprisingly, when my alarms went off, I got up.  Well, not on the first one…but eventually!  I had a laze on the couch morning, but I didn’t nap. I caught up a bit on the TV from the time I was away.  

F dropped by at his lunchtime with a bento for me.  It was very sweet of him as I hadn’t really thought about what I’d eat!  After he left, I discovered a new symptom.  Now, my left eye is seeping.  Does this mean I have pink eye?  Dear heavens, I hope not.  

I stayed in all afternoon, watching things on tape and just taking things easy.  I feel a bit better compared to the last two days, but almost anything would feel better than that!

F came home in the evening and a little while later we went out.  First to the electric shop which was on the verge of closing to get a battery for our keyless door, then to the drugstore for more lotion tissues and some eyewash for me.  We got some other things too.  We finished up our little trip at the grocery store where we grabbed a few things for dinner.  I wasn’t up to cooking yet and I doubt that I should be dining out at the moment.  

We came home and watched Castle while we had a yummy dinner of sushi and smoked duck breast.  I really wasn’t that hungry again. 

I watched a bit of TV but I think I’m going to try and have an early night tonight.  I’m tired and may have to go back to the doctor tomorrow if my eye doesn’t get better.  Or if the other one gets infected too.  That’s it for me for now.  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for more….


MsMouse7 said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Helen said...

Thank you! I actually don't feel as bad today, so that's is a big relief. Thanks for your good thoughts :-)