May 9, 2015

Saturday - Warmish, but cloudy

A good day.

I actually slept rather well last night for a change.  F got up this morning sometime and slept on the couch again.  Poor thing. 

My eye seemed to be greatly improved today and the other one is still fine, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed there.  Yay.

I got up this morning and took a shower.  F had just come back from his mother's.  She wasn’t feeling that well so had asked him to cancel her dental appointment. 

We relaxed for a while and then thought about lunch.  I suggested a new Nepali-Indian Restaurant that is fairly close by, so we tried it.  It was completely different to the other one we go to.  This was in a bright and cheerful place, well decorated, and was busy!  However, I’m not completely convinced that it was better food wise than the other place.  I like their food, just not the atmosphere in the restaurant.  

After lunch, F wanted to go out to Oyama to the nature park.  I wasn’t too happy about that as I didn’t wear sunscreen today and my skin has taken a beating lately.  I told him I’d only go if we could spend time inside.  Since there’s an information cabin that I hadn’t been to before I thought that would be okay.  When we arrived I realized that it was almost 3 pm so thought I might risk going for a bit of a walk too.  We had a nice time and saw a couple of herons.  There was a white heron (in the 3rd picture) and a blue one that flew by before I realized what it was.  It really is a lovely place.

F, being the photographer guy he is!

The white speck in the center is a heron.  Really.
F dropped me off at home and went off to his house.  When he came back we talked about the movie and were okay for a while, but gradually, F’s coughing got worse and worse.  Finally, he begged off.  It was fine of course. I was a bit sad, but understood.  

We spent most of the evening at home.  We popped out to Hotto Motto to pick up dinner—it’s cheap and easy when we’re sick, and then ate in front of the TV.  I showed F a Japanese show I taped last night about a woman who flew to Canada to go to Peace River to meet Japanese people.  She passed through Edmonton on the way, so I was curious as to how Edmonton would be shown.  It was a strange show, but not negative about Canada…at least F didn’t think so!

And that was basically my night.  I watched Newsroom which just started its final season on WOWOW.  I’ll miss that one when its gone.  I really should have been in bed before now.  Oh dear.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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