June 1, 2015

Monday - Warm and Sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning feeling much happier than I did yesterday.  I watched my morning TV show (White Collar) and it was one I hadn’t seen before.  F came home just after it finished for a moment and then left again.  We were quite friendly.

I was cold, so snuggled under the blanket on the couch and of course fell asleep.  I only woke up when F phoned to see if I wanted a bento for lunch.  He was going to come home soon.  I didn’t want a bento and I knew I had to move myself.  I got dressed, made the bed and then did a short workout with my resistance tube.  I had just made myself breakfast when F came home with his bento! I had also made tea, so he had a choice of hot or cold tea.  

In the afternoon I took a shower and then did some stuff on my computer.  I noticed that F had left his wallet at home, so messaged him to let him know.  He came back just as I was getting ready for my shower.  He basically grabbed his wallet and a root beer and went.

After my shower I ended up watching the end of Pacific Rim which is much more entertaining than it should be.  I had a late lunch and watched a weird little Australian film too.  

F was quite late coming home today, so I was late with dinner.  I did prep some of the veggies early though.  We had new potatoes again, cucumber sticks, salad and garlic chicken.  It was simple and quite nice.  F seemed to like it a lot.  Tomorrow he’s cooking dinner!  I’m a bit scared.

I did dishes tonight because F was really tired from work.  He’d had a stressful day, something about a disagreement with his boss or something.  I also started watching a movie on WOWOW that I had hoped to watch with F.  It was The Love Punch, with Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan.  They were ex-husband and wife and it was a sort of caper movie.  It was cute and they had a surprising amount of chemistry.  I DVR’d it so if he wants to watch it later he can.  Ha ha.  He never watches things I DVR.  

F went to bed after dinner and didn’t get up for hours.  I finished the crochet square I was on and then darned in the ends.  That’s 4 of the Aster colour done now.  Tomorrow I will probably lay all the pieces out again and take pictures and see if I can live with the colour scheme as it is!  Fingers crossed.  I think the grey in the middle of everything will help a lot too.  

I watched a bit of TV tonight but nothing special.  F finally got up after midnight and took his bath.  He broke a glass in the kitchen and then we took about 10 minutes to see if we could find all the pieces.  I found two that he hadn’t found…he wanted me to get out the vacuum, but I pointed out that it is 2:30 am and we have neighbours!

Anyway, I’m not sure what I’m going to get up to tomorrow.  Come back and find out what happens!  Until tomorrow….

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