June 10, 2015

Wednesday - Warm and Sunny

An okay day.

I got up this morning and stayed awake, and then for some reason took a nap and overslept.  Gah.  I did wake up and do a couple of shorter videos, so I did get about 30 minutes of exercise in. Yay me.

Fumihiko came home from work with his bento for lunch, then proceeded to get mad at me and ignore me.  I dared to ask him to close a door behind him when he had his hands full.  

In the afternoon after he left I scanned cards and put the finishing touches on the box I was sending to my niece.  I biked off to the post office where there was a bit of teeth-sucking to decide if I could send it.  Finally they took what I was sending, so I hope it’ll go through.  

I came home and photographed my blanket, then washed some dishes that F had left in the sink.  To be honest, I don’t think I should have now.  Oh well.

F phoned and was very friendly on the phone, but sadly in person was still quite cranky.  He wanted to go for ramen, but I didn’t want it.  I suggested Cocos and on the way there we saw that his place was closed anyway.  We get inside, sit down, and he refuses to eat anything.  I was quite upset and offered to leave with him, but he told me to eat.  So, I did.  I ordered a burger with vegetables and a salad.  It was quite nice actually. 

We left, ostensibly to go to a ramen shop for him, but they were all closed.  We drove all over town, and I do mean all over, looking for a ramen shop that met his standards, but they were all sold out or closed for the night.  He offered to go to the grocery store, but I’ve decided that I’m just not going to cook tomorrow.  I’ll try and pick up something for my dinner when I’m out.  I’m also not going to be home if he comes home for lunch.  I just don’t need to be so available to him right now.  

We came home and F made himself something to eat and then watched something Japanese and annoying on TV.  I put on some YouTube and ended  up watching The Tomorrow People from the 1970’s. It was two of the actors and someone else doing commentary on the show and it was so funny.  After a while I did some crochet too, from my desk chair which is quite difficult.  

F has been having health problems again and work is stressful.  He takes everything so seriously and with the rainy season on the way it’s going to be a not very fun time of year here for either of us. As always, I hope we can survive it.  

Anyway, I have a picture for you.  This is what I got done yesterday…It is growing fast I think!

Done up to June 9th!
That’s it, I can’t write more as it is very late!  Until tomorrow…. 


Orchid64 said...

Your blanket is looking fantastic! You have such a talent. :-)

Rosa said...

Wow, looking good. You're moving along at quite a clip. I imagine you want to get it finished, but I swear, if I were doing it, I'd get about this far and then just say the hell with it and start a new project!

Helen said...

Thank you both!

Orchid64, I can read the pattern! I should give credit to Becky Simmons, the creator of the pattern (All Squared Away Baby 5). I picked the colours, but she did all the hard work designing it!

Rosa, since the baby it is for is here already, I can't start something else until it is done....except of course that this one isn't portable anymore. I took some of the squares on holiday with me in May, that was nice. It's really fun watching it come together, which is why I haven't given up yet!

I'm glad you both visited me today!