June 13, 2015

Saturday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up a bit later than I wanted to, but not a big deal today.  F was back from his mother’s already.  He only had to take her to the doctor today I think.  And then a bit of shopping maybe?

I asked F to help me put the quilts from the bed away today.  We put them in the top of my wardrobe and I can’t reach!  It was a big help and then I made the bed with our blankets and towelkets.  I’m not sure how much longer we’ll need the blankets though.  

We went out for lunch to a new place.  In the new souvenir shop near city hall, there’s a small cafe.  F had heard about it from a friend, so we tried it today.  It was a little expensive, but really nice.  Light and airy, with a cool view of the river area, although not the actual river.  There were kites (the bird-type) flying around the area hunting.  We both had a plate lunch with salad, curried chicken, rice, and sauerkraut and cold soup.  I really enjoyed it because it was fresh and light.  We also had a drink afterwards.  Mine was iced Darjeeling…yum.
We hit up Yamaya after lunch.  I was hoping for some granola, and got it.  We only picked up a few things so that was fine. After that, F suggested going home and watching a video.  I wasn’t too excited at that idea, BUT then I remembered I could do some crochet and it was okay again!

We came home and checked out the DVR player and watched something I’d recorded in March and never watched, Enough Said with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfino.  It was quite enjoyable. I did a lot of crochet during the movie too!

When F suggested going to see the movie Chappie at Mikawa, I begged off.  I told him that we’d enjoyed the movie so much that we would hate Chappie because it got terrible reviews and would seem worse in comparison.  We didn’t go.  

For dinner F suggested his Taiwan place, I said it was okay but wasn’t too moved.  After a bit I suggested his old favourite fish place.  We tried, but they were booked up and we couldn’t go in.  We ended up at Kintaro Sushi.  We had to wait for a while, but finally got seats.  It was quite nice tonight because they were busy so everything was fresh for us.

We tried to go to karaoke afterwards, but I could tell F’s heart wasn’t in it.  We tried to go to the place near the grocery store, but they were full.  We came home and I was a bit annoyed, but knew it couldn’t be helped.  I put on my pyjamas right away!

We had a good, if quiet evening.  I watched quite a bit of TV, made some tea and finished my baby afghan.  Well, mostly!  I still have to darn in a few ends (not many) and I’m debating doing a final edging around the outside of the blanket.  

I do have a picture for you tonight of the blanket.  It’s of the blanket after the movie, so halfway through the day.  It isn’t quite finished…I had a little bit of joining to do and then the first edging row, but you get the main idea of it!

Almost finished!!!
My ball of yarn finished and I didn't want to get the other one out yet!
Tomorrow might bring a few different things.  There’s an International Fair at the International Centre, I’d like to go to the craft shop and renew my membership card and who knows?  There might even be karaoke if I play my cards right!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

So close! I hope the parents appreciate how much time and effort went into such a wonderful, handcrafted gift for their little one.

Helen said...

Thank you! And, so do I, since I don't really know them!