June 21, 2015

Sunday - Cloudy and hot

A good day.

I went to bed terribly late this morning, so I slept in quite late too.  F didn’t go over to his mother’s this morning but I think it was okay.  He said it was.  

We had lunch over at Cafe Soco Garden.  I had pesto pasta and it was really good.  F had curry, he said it was okay.  After lunch, I asked F to drop me off at S-Mall while he went to have his hair cut.  He was gone for a while, so I did a little shopping and window shopping!  I bought a few things at Daiso, but that was about it.  When F returned, his hair was shorter!  

I bought him an iced coffee at Doutor, I had an iced royal soy milk tea.  It was nice to be out and about, but F has this bad tendency not to talk to me, but to play with his phone.  It’s rather annoying.

We came home and I packaged up the baby blanket, wrote a short note about it, which F translated for the mother.  When he went over to his mother’s he gave it to her to pass along.  

We went out for dinner to a Japanese restaurant.  It was my suggestion.  We had a nice dinner, but honestly, I am feeling a bit over Japanese food at the moment.  What I wouldn’t give for some nice Greek food or some lovely roasted chicken or something with flavour!

We picked up some groceries for tomorrow and Tuesday.  We got fish because Mr. Whiny wanted it.  I quite like salmon, but am a bit over fish at the moment too, even though I haven’t had any in ages!  I’m going to make something on Tuesday though and if he doesn’t like it that’s his problem.  I figure he’ll probably get angry and go to bed on at least one of the two meals anyway!

Came home and read on the net for a bit until it was time for Project Runway.  I tried to sit on the couch for it, but felt unwelcome, so I didn’t bother.  I sat and knitted at my computer desk. I’m not working on anything particular, just a project I started earlier and had to restart because I dropped stitches and added too many twists!

Anyway, we’re fine.  We weren’t really fighting, it’s just that summer is here, or nearly and it’s getting hotter.  Tempers get frayed a bit.  

No idea what I’ll get up to tomorrow, although I really should work on my column.  Wish me luck with that! Come on back and find out what I end up doing.  Until tomorrow!

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