June 23, 2015

Tuesday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up early this morning, but fell asleep on the couch.  Sigh.  I missed most of my show, but afterwards woke up and had breakfast.  I did do two shorter workouts today and felt pretty good afterwards.  I am thinking that I might skip a day as my feet are a little bit unhappy with me.  I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

I had a quiet afternoon.  I did a couple of loads of laundry and vacuumed the apartment.  Basically I avoided working on my column.  Then, I had a bit of a brainwave.  I decided to chuck the topic and do a “movies I like” style of column.  I hadn’t seen enough movies of the other type recently to want to write about the.  I haven’t done this in a while so I think I’m okay!  Anyway, I have now started my column, I’m one review in and have a few more ideas so yay for me.  

I put dinner together before F came home tonight.  It was still cooking when he came home, but the hard work was done.  We had Soy Sauce Chicken and the Easy Potato Salad with new potatoes.  There was salad too.  I had my chicken on reheated couscous and F had rice.  It was quite good.  We might have dinner at home tomorrow too, I’m not really sure.  

After dinner F did the dishes.  I worked on my column and avoided it at the same time!  I did look again at some of the films I have seen recently to jog my memory.  I watched a bit of TV and even did some knitting during Criminal Minds which was probably a season ender….

That’s really about it for me.  I am thinking that I might go out for lunch tomorrow since I haven’t been out of the apartment in ages.  Or, I might stay at home and write more on my column! Come back later, all the mysteries will be explained…except the Bermuda Triangle…until tomorrow!

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