June 24, 2015

Wednesday - Hot and sunny

A great day!

I got up a little late this morning but managed to stay mostly awake.  F popped in a couple of times in the morning, and also came and ate his lunch at home.  That was fine.

I had decided not to do a workout today, and didn’t do one.  I’m okay with that.  I did want to give my feet a bit of a rest.  I do my workout without shoes, so they take a bit of a beating and there is nothing worse than having sore feet.  

I took a shower in the afternoon and watched an episode of Alan Banks.  I was just getting dressed to go out when F came home for a bit.  He was killing time between driving appointments.  When he heard what I was going to do he offered to drive me.  I accepted.  Woot.

He drove me to the mall and I spent the next few hours by myself.  I did a little 100 yen shopping, and also bought a card for a friend.  I had lunch at Subway…a spicy chicken sub on flatbread and then a few minutes later went to Doutor for a royal soy milk tea.  While I was there I wrote a lot for my column.  It was all on paper, so I still have to transcribe it, but it felt so much better than what I have been writing lately.  Yay!  I wrote about 2 and a half movies, so that was a big help.

F picked me up after he finished work and then took me to Mr. Donut.  I was a tad surprised, but it was okay.  He did have a doughnut, I didn’t.  I liked listening to the radio…heard The Buggles “Video Killed the Radio Star” for the first time in ages.  He dropped me off at home afterwards and went off to walk his dog and check on his mother.

At home I registered a postcard and then downloaded a picture I took in the mall.
Someone didn't....
I think I should make this my new motto!

F came back quite quickly so we went out for dinner.  He chose the restaurant tonight, a ramen/curry place.  He wasn’t happy with the ramen, I had curry that was okay, but not great.  Still, I didn’t really care.

We did some grocery shopping and then went to the drugstore.  We came home and I watched a bit of TV.  F went to bed fairly early tonight.  He has the dreaded health check tomorrow.  I hope it goes well or he won’t be so happy for a while.  

Tomorrow I have to do a workout and hopefully work on my column.  I’m trying to get it ready for Friday.  Come back later and find out just what I get up to!  Until tomorrow…. 


Rosa said...

I was in Target today and saw a doormat that had "I [picture of a handlebar moustache] you to remove your shoes" printed on it. ("I "moustache" you to remove your shoes." Ugh.) I didn't get a picture, but it was right up there with "Live and Learm."

You do a walking workout without shoes? That is hardcore! My feet would have rebelled a long time ago.

Helen said...

I don't have any indoor shoes! This is Japan so I can't wear my usual shoes in the apartment. I've actually gone barefoot inside most of my life so it isn't that big of a deal.

The doormat thing sounds like it was on purpose though...it's kind of cute....kind of lame too. I think this shirt was most likely an accident, someone made a mistake between their n's and m's. We often see misspellings and crazy English over here...

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