June 25, 2015

Thursday - Clear and Sunny

A good day.  

I got up a little bit late, but went over to the couch and managed to stay awake!  Yay me.

I did a couple of short workouts today and also worked on my column.  I decided to do it the lazy way, so I turned on my computer’s dictation system and read what I had written yesterday into the machine.  It wasn’t perfect, and I had to go back and correct a lot, but it was kind of cool and saved me a lot of typing!

I went out to the post office to drop off a couple of birthday cards I had to send and then came home again. Before I left the apartment I checked the mailbox and I found seven postcards.  Oh gosh! I had to register them all and thank the people.  I love doing it really, but I have other things on my mind right now!

I got started on dinner.  Tonight we had salad, garlic pork and green beans.  We drizzled leftover sriracha-orange sauce over them, that was nice.  It was a simple meal.  I was going to give F the night off the dishes, but he did them anyway.  

He had an early night tonight.  He had a headache  for much of the day, poor thing.  

Tonight, I wrote about another movie and have another in mind to finish up with tomorrow.  I have to get this done so that I can have a fun weekend.  The one I don’t have plans for!  Come back later and find out if I finish my column and how my day goes.  Until tomorrow….

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