June 27, 2015

Saturday - Muggy, Cloudy and Cooler

Not a good day.

I got up this morning to an empty apartment.  I got up, had some iced tea, waited for my husband.  Nothing.  I got very tired a bit after 12 so I took a nap on the bed.  I was woken up about an hour later when F came home.  He seemed like he was in a good mood.  He asked me where I wanted to go, I said that it was probably too late for the place I wanted to go, he said he wanted ramen, I said I didn’t and he said that he wouldn’t go out as a result.  That was the last I heard from him for about 5 hours.  

I grabbed my purse, went to a convenience store and bought some sandwiches.  I brought them home, ate them and then went into the bedroom, closed the door and read a book on my iPhone.  I was ignored for the rest of the afternoon.  F was watching the old Planet of the Apes movies which I never could stand, so when I came out of the bedroom I put on my headphones and listened to Pink and other rockers until I cheered myself up.

I decided to go out for dinner alone around 6:30.  F asked if I wanted to go out and offered to drive me somewhere.  Of course he wanted ramen and wouldn’t go where I did, so that was special.  We got to Gusto where I asked to go, he handed me a thousand yen bill and I told him I’d walk home if it wasn’t raining.  

I went in the restaurant and had a fairly decent meal.  I had some grilled chicken and a shrimp and avocado salad, with drink bar added on.  I read a bit of a comic novel on my iPhone and when I was done I walked home.  I was glad to get a bit of exercise on a Saturday.

When I got home I suggested to F that he put on headphones for the TV and he turned off the TV.  I had a telephone meet-up that I was very late for, that’s the only reason I suggested it.  It would have given me some privacy and let him watch his stupid movie.  I joined in late, but got to speak with a few of the other foreign wives in Tohoku.  It did help make me feel quite a bit better.  However, F was in the room, no idea if he listened in or not. 

After the meeting F let me know that he had waited for me outside the restaurant for quite a while to drive me home.  I did point out to him that I had told him I wanted to walk.  

Anyway, I told him that at 11:00pm I wanted to watch something on TV so he grudgingly handed over the remote.  I watched my show (Extant) and then gave back the remote.  I don’t think he’s touched it since. 

So, that’s about it for me.  If the weather is okay tomorrow I think I’ll go out.  I really don’t want to hang around the apartment anymore, or spend more time with a grumpy husband.  I stay home most of the week, don’t need to do that on weekends too.  I have a few ideas of places to go and spend some time.  

Come back later and find out if tomorrow is a better day.  Until tomorrow….

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