June 7, 2015

Sunday - Warm and sunny

A good day.  I slept a little late today and woke up to an empty apartment.  I thought about staying in bed and sleeping more, but decided to surprise myself and get up.  I did, and also got dressed.  It was a good call I think.

F came home a bit after 12 and wanted to go out for lunch.  He wanted the “Farmer’s Restaurant” so we drove over there.  However, when we arrived, there wasn’t anywhere left to park.  F was upset, but I suggested coming back in a few minutes.  I asked if we could go off to Hard Off, the second hand shop, since it was in the area.  We did that.  I got to spend a few minutes looking for belts or men’s ties.  I didn’t find anything that I really liked and left empty-handed. 

We went back to the restaurant and were able to get in this time.  They only serve two things with four variations, so for me, it’s a little boring, but F loves it.  The main course is either pork with apple sauce, sesame sauce, salt sauce or in a shabu-shabu style…if you choose to have two main courses, the other is fish and there’s 4 to choose from.  Everything is very good and the price is reasonable, but I like a little more variety in my restaurants!

After lunch we went to the Chido Museum for a look.  We looked at the special showroom.  F was interested, I wasn’t too much. It was Japanese calligraphy.  To me, it just looks like squiggles on paper, so I let him look and I read a chapter of a book on my iPhone!  We did go to a couple of the other buildings for a change, but I’m paying for it now. My nose is all plugged up from the dust.  Yuck.  I took some pictures of the garden and pond as usual, I might even post them if I remember!

left side of pond

right side of pond

panorama of pond!
We had tea or coffee and cake at the tiny cafe at the museum and then F dropped me off at home.  I came in for a while and checked email and vegged.  

We left again to have dinner and go to Mikawa.  The first place we tried, Bistro des Pointes was closed today, so F suggested going to Amarume.  We went there, and had a very nice meal near the train station.  I had a 15 ingredient Caesar Salad with some yakiniku, plus some Japanese tea, F had yakiniku plus salad, miso soup, rice and pickles.  It was good.  There was another surprise for me though.  At the next table was one of my students from my Eikaiwa days.  We did say a few words when she was leaving with her husband.  

When we finished dinner, we headed for the mall.  However, F being F, started driving in the wrong direction.  It’s pretty bad when I’m the one who noticed….

We went to see Tomorrowland and it was good.  We both enjoyed it.  With a couple of hours distance from it I am starting to have questions, but at the time it was enjoyable.  

When we came back to Tsuruoka, F went to get gas and I went to get groceries.  I picked up a few necessities as well.  We’re going to have tandoori chicken again tomorrow night and then pasta on Tuesday.  That’s the plan now anyway.  

Oh, and I did manage to take a picture of my crochet work from last night.  Here you are!
Joining up to June 6th.  Today's add-ons were the  closest to the front dark blue square, plus the four small turquoise squares.

And that’s it for me.  It was a good day, and a really good weekend.  Hurray.  Come back later and find out what is new with me.  Until tomorrow….

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