May 31, 2015

Sunday - Rainy last night, sunny but cool today

A not-great day.

We both went to bed very, very late last night.  F wasn’t doing well, the weather was really affecting how he was doing.  He was supposed to get up at 6:30 in the morning to help the other tenants cut grass around the apartment but slept right through it.  I did a bathroom run around then but didn’t hear anyone outside.  I thought it was too wet to go out.

I had set an alarm last night, but I overslept.  I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, F seemed happy in the living room.  However, when I got up, he wasn’t in a good mood at all.  He suggested going to a restaurant that he has taken me to 3? 4? times in the last month and I said maybe we should go somewhere else.  I didn’t mind the restaurant, I actually like it, but I don’t want to get tired of it.  He didn’t like me saying that, and demanded that we go to the Sakata Port restaurant.  I told him to go ahead (as that is an absolutely No-Go place for me now) and then he whined that it was too late.  I told him I was going to get dressed, and did so.  When I came out of the bedroom he was making himself some instant noodles crap.  He ate it and then went back to bed.  I went in to see what was going on and he said he’d taken some medicine and wasn’t going anywhere.  I wasn’t too happy with him, but there wasn’t much I could do.  

I had my very late breakfast, and watched some TV which was dumb and fun.  Finally, with no movement or sound from the bedroom, I decided to go out.  I just left.  I rode my bike to S-Mall, hacked around the hundred yen shop, then went to Doutors for a sandwich and an ice tea.  I read a book on my phone since I’d forgotten to bring an actual book.  I debated getting a sandwich from Subway for dinner or tomorrow’s lunch depending on how things turned out, but decided not to.

I came home again and suggested that F go and walk his dog.  He said he didn’t have to go today, but got up a bit later.  He was almost nice.  He suggested going for sushi, so I said it was okay.  I really don’t like going anymore as I can’t eat enough not to be hungry there. I packed a bag with my amusement stuff in it and then left the apartment.  While I was waiting for him, I swept the part of the lobby by the door.  Our final day of lobby service, hurray!

We went to Kintaro Sushi and got seated fairly soon after.  I am getting annoyed with my husband lately.  When we first started going there I nicely got him a little dish for soy sauce when I got mine, I gave him a mug for tea and a pair of chopsticks.  Today, like a lot of times lately, while I got myself some water, he got one dish soy sauce and his own chopsticks.  Couldn’t be bothered with mine I guess.  We had a few plates of sushi, shared a few things too, and then left.

We went to the Internet Cafe for 3 hours tonight.  We each had a massaging chair and hardly saw each other for all of that time.  I enjoyed myself.  I finished a magazine a friend had loaned me, and then I did some crocheting.  I finished my third square and started a fourth.  I watched mostly Person of Interest and then Hawaii Five-O.They were okay time wasting.  

When time was up I was ready to go.  I told F it was time to go (Really, how come he doesn’t keep track better?) and we left.  We went to the grocery store to buy things for the next two evenings.  Tomorrow night I’m going to cook garlic chicken from the store, plus new potatoes again, mushrooms and have cucumbers in there somewhere.  F is going to do something with motzu on Tuesday, but I’m not sure what.  I’m not sure I’ll be eating it either.  

We came home and F set up the bread maker, but today I “helped” him!  I suggested making dill pickle bread, so I chopped up a pickle and a half, and measured out some herbs for the mix.  I’ve heard it is good and I hope that it is!

We stayed up fairly late again.  F had just gone to bed and I’m going soon.  I’ve been having problems with my Angelfire account not working, so everything is delayed a bit.  

And that was my day.  If you return later on, you’ll find out if my Monday was better than my Sunday.  Until tomorrow….

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