July 10, 2015

Friday - Hot and sunny

A good day that ended badly.

I got up fairly early this morning, before the drama started.  It’s a new one today, Major Crimes.  I wish that they had put The Closer on in the mornings as I’d be able to watch it then.  I had my usual sort of morning and started doing my workout a bit before 12.  F called me during my workout which was a pain in the neck. 

I finished and he came home.  He ate his lunch and then went back to work.  I hope.  I had my breakfast and did some computer stuff.  I also scanned my cards early and watched an episode of Penny Dreadful and then DCI Banks.  After that, I took a shower.

I took my post cards off to the post office a little after 5 and also took a few silly photos there to help celebrate Postcrossing’s 10th birthday.  It’s such a cool hobby, and I really enjoy it.
I used a version of this picture, a little edited!

Selfies can be hard when you have your hands full of postcards!

Postcards going into the box
I came home and got a start on setting up for dinner.  As usual I had to clear and wash the table, wash the dishes and also the counters.  I julienned the zucchini and set the table when I was done.  I tried do as much in advance as I could.  

When F came home, I tried to explain to him that I really don’t like it when he calls me all the time.  He calls at lunch to see if I want anything from the drugstore for my lunch-I never do.  He calls to tell me he’s finished work and is going to his mother’s.  Whatever.  He calls me to tell me he’s coming home.  In my opinion, he could cut out the call to say he’s done work and just call me to say he’s on his way.  Or honestly, text me.  I’d far prefer it.  I really don’t like getting phone calls and he’s calling me three times a day…always when I’m in the middle of something…always.  

I prepped dinner, but F put on a women’s volleyball game and was watching that.  When I called him for dinner I had to say three times that things were ready.  He came over and forgot his camera because he Google-pluses his meals, so I reminded him about it.  I have decided that I’m not going to enable him to do that by getting it for him, he has to bring it himself.  All of a sudden, he got mad and stormed off to the bedroom.  He said that he wouldn’t eat and he knew that cooking was too difficult for me.  Or something stupid like that.  

Although I was angry, I decided that I was hungry and so I decided to eat.  And it was good.  It really was his loss.  I had sautéed chicken from the store, flavoured with garlic and cheese, my sautéed zucchini and almond dish…yum! and salad and some gnocchi.  Afterwards I did all the dishes too, and tidied up the kitchen.  

I barely spoke to him for the rest of the night. He got up and watched more awful sports and then other crap.  I missed one of my shows and then I asked to watch something.  I managed to watch The Mentalist and Major Crimes (again!).  He made himself something to eat and has thankfully taken himself off to bed.  

So, this is the start to my weekend.  Oh joy.  I really don’t feel like co-operating with him tomorrow.  I have no idea what he wants to do.  I need to get something for my niece’s birthday, I’m already really late.  If he’s being a jerk I think I’ll take myself off to the mall or a cafe and just stay away from him for a while.  

Come back in a bit and see if the two of us work things out or if the freeze will continue.  Until tomorrow….

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