July 11, 2015

Saturday - Warm and sunny


I got up in the morning to an empty apartment.  F was out at his mother’s or the doctor or both.  I got dressed and checked my email and such.  When F came home he didn’t talk to me at all.  Sigh.  He put on the TV and the noise of the horrible TV shows he was watching drove me from the room.  I went back to the bedroom, closed the door and tried to read for a bit.  After a while I just went to sleep.  I hadn’t eaten, and didn’t have breakfast until the early afternoon.  F of course was chomping away on noodles, seemed like all afternoon.

I spent quite a bit of time in the bedroom.  I finished my book and came back out.  I talked a bit to him, but not a lot.  I asked if he’d picked up his new glasses…he hadn’t.  He disappeared for a while, I assume to his mother’s house and then came back.  While he was gone I had a small lunch out of some of the leftovers from last night.  

When he came back I asked again about his glasses so he decided to go and get them.  He asked me if I wanted to come too.  I went, I just needed to get out of the apartment.  We picked up the glasses and then went for dinner.  I had suggested Indian food but F wasn’t in the mood.  He had wanted to go for fish to a restaurant near City Hall.  We went there and it was good. I had a tuna and negi-tori don.  I liked it, F had kaizen-don, or a fish mixture.  We added on some tofu and some fried eggplant.

After our meal, F just brought us home.  I was a tad disappointed as it was a lovely night and I wanted to stay out for a while.  He offered to take me to the grocery store as usual….I hate our grocery store and don’t ever want to go there!

When we got home I decided to go for a walk.  I would have gone immediately, but I was dressed in all navy-blue, which isn’t a good walking outfit after dark!  I went in and changed into my walking outfit that I use during the week, plus a shell over it.  I grabbed my ID, a little change in case I needed a drink and my cellphone so I could be reached/and count my steps.  

I walked to the park, and then around the park once and then came home.  I would have done more, but the light in the park wasn’t very good and I was jumping at shadows.  There was also an empty car parked in the entrance way and I hadn’t seen anyone around.  Last night’s Rizzoli and Isles had a woman jogging in the park at the beginning.  She was murdered and I didn’t want to have that happen to me. I watch too much TV.

Still, it was nice to be outside and it was a lovely evening.  A little warm, but there was a light breeze too.  I came home and relaxed.  

At 11 I did a bit of crochet on the couch. I got 14 out of 16 squares done and decided that since they were so fast, I might as well do the other two as well.  F went to bed around this time, so I decided to just crochet and then bring my computer to the couch for blogging purposes.  Usually I sit at my desk, but tonight I’m lounging on my couch!

So, F and I are talking which is good.  I think I won’t be cooking much over the next couple of days though.  I have decided that I want to eat more salads anyway and that I can’t cook for him.  There’s no point in making a nice meal if he turns up his nose at it.  Tomorrow we have lunch plans, we’re going to meet up with my friend from the next city and another woman and her son that we haven’t met before.  I’m hoping that it all goes well.

Come back later and find out just how things go.  Until tomorrow….


Anonymous said...

I had so much fun with you today! J really enjoyed it, too! Looking forward to seeing you again.

Helen said...

Thank you! It was a lot of fun for us too. I hope we can do it again someday sooner rather than later :-)