July 13, 2015

Monday - Too Hot and Sunny

A goodish day.

I got up this morning, watched my show, had a visit from F, worked out and then had lunch.  It was a busy morning! Well, not really.

In the afternoon I did a little laundry and watched a couple of shows on the telly. I did have something stupid happen today.  I just got a new watch and the wristband was too big.  I popped out the pin to adjust it and it fell to the floor.  I looked for it.  I cleaned under my desk, I scanned the area with two flashlights, I swept, I even used a magnet.  I couldn’t find the pin.  I didn’t want to tell F since it was a present from him. I decided that when I was in the mall later, I’d go to the jewelry shop and get them to sell me a new pin. I finished watching Penny Dreadful and also caught an episode of DCI Banks.  I had a quick lunch and then decided to leave for the mall.  I wanted to do a little shopping and I needed to get out of the hot apartment.  

Going outside was like going into a sauna.  Yuck.  It was so hot and so humid.  Riding my bike wasn’t too bad.  I made good time and got to the mall.  At the mall I went to the jewelry shop first as I knew it would take a bit of time.  They understood what I wanted and I was told to come back in 15 minutes.  

I went to the hundred yen shop and did a little bit of shopping.  I got some nice stuff, some for my niece and something for F.  I went downstairs and got my watch back, and paid of course.  I did a little shopping downstairs, but not that much.  I went to Doutors for a sandwich and an iced tea.  I started reading an actual book, Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz.  I’ve pretty much given up on him, but I bookmooched this novel and I have to read it.  

I was there when F called.  He was on his way to his mother’s.  I told him I was leaving soon, and that I’d see him at home.

I got home quite quickly and decided to turn on the air conditioner.  It was hot and humid and horrible inside.  It cooled down and became fairly livable soon.  

F was a bit late tonight.  He’d been at his mother’s and then did some shopping for her and for himself.  I told him he could go ahead and cook his dinner first.  He didn’t take too long.  

I poached a chicken breast for myself and had that with some salad.  I actually washed lettuce leaves tonight.  It was yummy.  I had salad, some of the chicken and dressing, plus parmesan.  I could have more, so I added on a piece of bread and some peanut butter.  

F watched some sports but fell asleep on it so I changed the station and watched something else.  I did tell him he could change it back, but I think it was over anyway.

F isn’t doing too well tonight.  I am worried a bit about heat stroke or just generally not taking care of himself today.  Apparently it was the hottest day of the year up here so far.  

I wrote a few postcards for postcrossing.  One took a long time to do as the person had quite specific requests.  They weren’t bad, I’m not talented!  And, when I moved my box of postcards...I found my pin for my watch!  ARGH!

That’s really about it for today. I’m hoping to be able to exercise tomorrow, I have to scan my cards, run them to the post office and maybe wrap my niece’s presents for her.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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