July 16, 2015

Thursday - Rainy and cloudy and cooler

A good day.

I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning on time, more or less.  Hurray!  I spent some quality couch time reading the internet and enjoying myself.  I even did my workout on time today.  

In the afternoon I chatted with a couple of people on Facebook, at the same time.  That was rather exciting.  I watched some of the TV that I had DVR’d over the last few days. I still have a bunch to watch, but the backlog is smaller. 

When F called me tonight, I was just in the process of starting dinner.  I was making some radish roses, or trying to!  He was a bit late tonight, but it was fine.  Dinner didn’t take too long.  I boiled some corn on the cob and we had microwaved fish from the store, plus some tsukune that F had wanted.  It was okay, not great.  We had salad and radishes and tomatoes, and really, dinner was nice.  We also ate together. Hurray for that.  F won’t be home tomorrow night as he’s going to a party.  

We had a fairly quiet night.  F watched something on TV, but it was finished when I turned House on.  It is winding down and I’m wondering how they will end the series.  No spoilers please! I watched the episode of Rizzoli and Isles tonight where they said goodbye to the Frost character.  It was very well done.  The show has really grown on me over the years.

That’s about it really.  I didn’t go out today, but if the weather isn’t too bad tomorrow night I may go to a movie.  Japan is expecting a typhoon so it may not be a good idea.  I’ll check the weather closer to the time.  

Come back later and find out if I get blown away or if I had a good day!  Until tomorrow….

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