July 22, 2015

Wednesday - Hot and sunny and hot

A good day.

I got up on time this morning and watched my show and checked my computer and my email.  I drank a lot of iced tea too.  I took a 30 minute nap today as I couldn’t keep my eyes open and it was so hot I almost had to.  I woke up and did a different video today, a Jane Fonda one.  I liked it, but found it hard to follow in places.  She also did some dance steps that she never really explained (possibly in a book or on another tape, which isn’t on Youtube) that were really confusing.  I did like the stretching that she did at the end and some of the more dance moves but I think I’ll only do it if I don’t feel like doing Leslie for a reason!  It was pretty tough working out this morning as I was so hot in the apartment.

I had a quiet afternoon really.  I scanned my cards and then stamped them and in the afternoon took them over to the post office to mail.  I got there just before the post office closed.  I had to go in as I was sending off a couple of Gotochi Card for a swap.  

I came home and started working on dinner.  I set up some tea for us to have as iced tea with dinner, then was putting the spice packet on the chicken when of course F called me. He actually asked me if it was a bad time….I told him it was!  It always happens that he calls me when I have my hands full of raw meat, or they’re wet or whatever.  We have bad timing, the two of us.

F came home and I kicked things up a notch.  I put the chicken in the toaster oven to cook, I put out the boiled potatoes, finished setting the table and put out the iced tea.  Dinner was quite nice really.  F was done in about 10 minutes flat though.  I know he doesn’t feel like eating in the heat, I’m a bit the same, but I know that I have to or I’ll end up eating total junk later on.  

After dinner, I sat in our bedroom and wrapped up my niece’s presents, and the unbirthday present for my nephew.  It was fun, but so hot!

F went to bed quite early tonight, but I sat on the couch for a bit and darned in some ends of the petrol coloured squares.  I’m a little under half-done.  I still have a few of the navy ones to do in the daylight as I can’t see well enough to do them at night.  

I had a mostly quiet day, but it was nice.  It was too hot.  I even put the AC on for an hour in the afternoon.  I was just too hot and it was awful in here.  I’m thinking about going out tomorrow and using someone else’s AC if I have the chance! However, the weather forecast is for rain and a bit cooler so maybe I won’t have to?  I can dream, right?

Come back later and find out what scintillating things I get up to.  Until tomorrow!

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