July 25, 2015

Saturday - Sunny and a little cloudy at times

A good day.

I got up at a goodly time this morning, and even dragged myself out of bed to boot.  I checked email and FB did all the usual time wasting things I do.  I went to take a nap around noon and of course F came back about 5 minutes later.  He had eaten with his mother today, but I hadn’t yet, so after a think or two, I suggested going to the mall to Subway.  I had a tandori sub with oven baked fries and a drink, F had a mango-coconut dessert thing that I had a coupon for.  Yum.  

We did a little window shopping and then went to Doutor and had a drink.  It was nice to relax there for a while.  We decided to go to the Internet Cafe but came home first.  On the way home, F told me he meant to go to the Internet Cafe after he went to his house, so I went inside and vegged for a bit.  

We had a quick and nice dinner at Cocos Ichibanya Curry.  I was smarter tonight and didn’t have a deep fried cutlet.  I had the chicken and seasonal vegetables curry.  I really enjoyed it, except it was a little hot for me.  

We went to the Internet Cafe and had a bit of a dilemma.  There was only one massaging chair available.  For a change, F gave it to me and he took the reclining seat in the office section.  I stayed in the massaging chair section for an hour and a half, long enough to see an episode of Outlander, and then asked F if he wanted to swap.  it was quite unusual to have to wait so long.  We swapped and I think I had been in his spot for 20 minutes when a worked came and told me that I could move to a massaging chair.  Yay.

We did all the necessary paperwork and I got another massaging chair.  I had watched 666 Park Avenue earlier and then part of Hannibal. I finished up by watching an episode of Person of Interest and then we left.  We’d been there quite a while and it was midnight when we left.  I did get a magazine read and crocheted a square, so I don’t really consider that time wasted!

We’ve had a quiet evening at home since, but I’m a bit tired and would like to get some sleep soon.  Come back again and find out what happens next.  Until tomorrow….

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