July 28, 2015

Tuesday - Rainy and hot and humid!

A good day.

I got up really early this morning, early enough to watch the BBC in America broadcast on TV.  Of course, I fell asleep during the infomercial after it, but never mind.  I watched my show and after it found In Her Shoes, so I had some breakfast and watched the end of it before I worked out.  I even had a little visit from F before the movie finished.

I did a couple of shorter workouts today and when I was doing the first one realized that I had a problem.  My big toe was sore.  I stopped the video, went to the bathroom and took a look.  I had a long and fine splinter in my toe and it was hurting.  I pulled it out and I was fine.  I went back to my workout.  Yay me.  

I had a quiet day.  I did a couple of loads of laundry, and I even had lunch earlier than usual. I scanned my postcards and then took them to the mailbox around 6 pm.  I couldn’t get them done earlier.  It was nice to get out of the house, even if it was only for a couple of minutes!

When I came back, I started to set up the kitchen for dinner.  I was doing dishes when F called to say he was on his way.  Tonight I did boiled potatoes, baked chicken, and salad with orange tomatoes. It was all quite nice really.  F came to the table in an almost goodly fashion, and we had a nice meal.  He did the dishes tonight which I was glad about.

At 10 pm he went off to bed and I went to the couch for Grey’s Anatomy and a bit of end darning.   I got all the ends done up until now.  I did a tiny bit of crochet too, just enough to get the yarn out on the square. 

And really that was mostly my night.  I spent a bit of time on my computer as usual.  I’m trying to co-ordinate a visit to a museum in Niigata next month, but one person can’t come when the many of the other people can.  I’m really trying to include her, but having looked at finances, I can’t really make a separate trip to go with her and then with the others.  Sigh.  I’m not sure if the others will go if I don’t go, since it was my idea.  Damn and blast anyway.  I have to go and see my lovely Pre-Raphaelites while they’re so close.  

Anyway, I must be off.  Tomorrow F is off work and we have to go to City Hall.  As long as we don’t have to fight City Hall, I’m fine with that!  Got to go.  Until tomorrow….

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