July 3, 2015

Friday - Hot and sunny

An okay day.

I woke up a little late this morning, got up, watched my show, had breakfast and some tea and then when I was ready I did a couple of shorter exercise videos which I enjoyed.  

During the day I did a few different things.  I scanned my cards and got them ready to send out.  I never did more, so I only sent two today.  Scanning was fast! 

Around 4 I biked off to the post office, sent my cards, bought some stamps and then I zoomed off on my little bicyclette to the grocery store.  I wanted balsamic vinegar.  They had some of course, it is just that the first bottle I saw was quite expensive.  I looked in another section and got some that was a little cheaper.  I came home after that.  

When I came home I had lunch.  Yes, a very late lunch.  I had some of F’s fresh bread and it was amazing.  So nice.

I got started on dinner prep after that.  I did a lot of different things for dinner tonight.  We had the ubiquitous salad from the grocery store, but I also marinated some eggplant, zucchini and onion with the balsamic vinegar and other ingredients.  

When F came home he took a nap so I didn’t know if I should cook or not.  I did it after F said he’d get up when it was ready.  I boiled the remaining new potatoes from last night, and grilled the vegetables.  I also cooked some miso pork that we had bought at the store.  It all turned out quite nicely and dinner was good.  The grilled veg all disappeared, but there was one potato and a little pork leftover!

F did most of the dishes, except the grill, and I composed a letter to a group I belong to on my computer.  I posted it as I was watching TV.  I did a little crochet tonight.  I wish I’d done more in all honesty.  

F went to bed just before midnight.  He seemed a bit grumpy.  The weather isn’t kind to him.  He was muttering something about him not wanting to eat so much meat, but I’m not sure what that means to him.  Yesterday our main dish was omelette…yes his had meat in it, but he chose the fillings.  He picked the miso pork in the store on Wednesday, it was very thin and he could choose how much he ate… and there were 3 types of vegetable sides. If this is another one of his attempts to get me to cook more fish he needs to come out and say it!  I’m not a huge fish lover, but it’s okay.  I eat it…the good stuff anyway.  

I noticed that he hadn’t bothered to finish washing my big fry pan, he always does that.  I took it out of the water, rinsed and dried it and then threw the grill and the drip pan into the sink to soak overnight.  I guess he forgot about them.  

I’m not sure what we’ll be up to tomorrow.  F has a couple of things with his mother in the morning, and I’ve asked if we can go to the glasses shop.  My carry around glasses are wobbly and I’d like them tightened up.  I’m hoping that we’ll go and see Avengers tomorrow night, but if we don’t I might manage anyway!

Come back a bit later and find out what’s new with me.  Until tomorrow….

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