July 5, 2015

Sunday - Hot and sunny, but grey.

A good day.

I got up a little late this morning.   We hadn’t made any plans though, so I felt justified in sleeping in!  After a little while I got dressed and F asked where I wanted to go for lunch.  He tried making a comment about how I would never go where he wants to go so he wasn’t going to suggest anything.  I listed off four restaurants that serve fish and other things so he didn’t have to have meat, and he picked one of them!  We ended up going to the Daiichi Hotel and had a very nice meal.  We both had fish, mine with bread, his with rice.  It was nice actually.  I could have done without him playing with his cell phone all through the meal though.

After lunch he suggested going to for a drive to the beach at Yunohama.  I thought it sounded fun, so off we went.  It was quite sunny by this time, so when we got there I used my umbrella as a parasol.  No idea if it helped or not.  It was a lovely day to walk on the beach.  

When we got back to the car, we drove a bit further, to Kamo.  At Kamo, he drove down to the harbour and wanted to walk along the dock and check on the fishing.  I didn’t want to do that…I said that if I go with him it becomes more about me than the fishing.  I didn’t want to stay in the car either because…hot…so I decided to go exploring.  Across the road from where we were was a set of steps leading up a hill.  I thought I’d go and see where they led.  When I got closer I realized the steps were quite steep but decided I’d give them a try.  

I went up, up, up and finally reached the top of the steps.  There was a lovely little clearing at the top and two buildings.  There was no one there, it was quite special. I took a few pictures and then it was time to go down and meet F.  

Looking down the steps.

We came home via the gas station. It was just supposed to be for a little while, but we took a nap and before we knew it, it was around 7:30.  

We got up and drove to Yutagawa to see fireflies.  F parked on the road and we walked back along the trail.  It was really dry this year, last year it was rather muddy.  There were a lot of little fireflies.  F said that these ones were a smaller second type of fireflies.  They were very cool though.  I tried to get pictures, but I’m afraid none of them turned out well.  

After the fireflies, it was finally dinner time.  F wanted his Taiwan restaurant so I let him have his way.  It was busy and as usual the food was pretty crap for me.  Still, it was dinner.

We bought groceries at MaxValu and then came home.  I watched Project Runway, did a little crochet and then a lot of darning in of ends.  And then, I came over to my computer and checked email and wrote this.  

So, today turned out to be a really good day.  Hurray for that.  Tomorrow I’ll be back to my usual weekly schedule.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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