July 7, 2015

Tuesday - Tanabata- Hot and sunny

A busy, somewhat odd day!

I got up this morning quite early, before my alarms in fact.  It surprised me!  Then again, I went to bed rather early last night too.  That also surprised me!

I was relaxing on the chesterfield as I am wont to do, when the doorbell rang.  Egads.  I checked out the monitor.  It was two men in uniforms.  I ignored it.  Ten minutes later they came back.   This time I was at least dressed, but not sure what they wanted.  I texted F to see if he knew if there was an apartment inspection today that he forgot to tell me about.  He phoned me back and said that if they came to the door again, to let him talk to them on my phone.  Well, as he was on the phone, they came back, so I answered the door and gave them my phone!  It turns out that someone with the same family name as F had asked to have their water heater fixed.  The workers had our address, but F assured them that there was nothing wrong with our water heater and we didn’t call them! They went away and didn’t bother me anymore!

I did my two short video workout today.  I was a bit unsettled from the visit, so it took a while to get into it, but I did.  I relaxed after I was done, and had my breakfast.

F popped in for a few minutes on his lunch hour, then went back to work.  After he left, I got busy.  I set up the bread maker and then started to make dinner.  I made tuna patties and it is best to make them early and let them chill so they hold together in the frypan.  I did a mess of dishes and kitchen tidying up.  By the time I finished all of that, it was time again to take out the bread dough and make buns with it.  I made 13 buns (oops, is that unlucky or just a baker’s dozen?) and set them off to proof for an hour.  

I got a little bit of stuff done on my computer and I got an email from a friend inviting me out for lunch tomorrow. Yay!

I baked the buns and they looked great when they came out.  The tops of the first lot were a little brown, but not burned.  I covered them and set them aside.

When F came home (late again)  I kicked dinner into high gear.  We had stirfried cabbage, salad, tuna patties on buns and also leftover broccoli.  It was nice.  

F did the dishes and then we relaxed a bit.  I wrote up some postcrossing cards and went over to the couch for the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  I did a bit of crochet, but I discovered that I can’t darn in the ends of the navy wool at night.  It’s too dark! F made so much noise during my show, I was quite upset.  He was washing new dishes, and eating his Japanese snacks with his mouth open so it was really noisy.  I go to the couch to relax and crochet and I was getting more and more tense.  He was defeating my purpose!

Finally I went back to my corner and he ended up going to bed without even saying goodnight.  He’s a strange guy sometimes!

Ah well.  Tomorrow I will have a lunch date so I have to try and fit in a workout and a shower early in the day, and also find time to scan my cards and run them to the post office.  Wish me luck with that!  Come back later and see if I have any time management skills!  Until tomorrow….

PS...I came back to say that my Postcrossing account is now at 1000 sent card and 1000 received cards.  WOOT!!!

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