August 10, 2015

Monday - Hot and Sunny.  What else?

A good day.

I got up only a few minutes late this morning and watched my show.  I did a two mile walk as well this morning, so yay for me.  

F came home for lunch and I asked him to bring me a tea, which he did.  That was nice of him, but I shouldn’t encourage him to buy me stuff.  

In the afternoon I did finally go into the bedroom and sorted out some of my clothes.  I put quite a few of the too big and clean things in a box, I’ll add more soon.  There were a few things that I think I have to wash first because they have been worn.  I may end up throwing these clothes out, but on the off chance that I don’t, and do wear them again, I’ll be glad that they were put away clean.  I spent an hour in the bedroom, and was a sweaty mess when I finished.  

I took a shower then and when I heard from F that he had finished work, I started to cook my dinner.  I really wanted to get things done before he came home.  I mostly managed too.  I cooked myself some baked chicken and also made some frypan pasta.  Dinner was nice and I enjoyed it a lot.  Except for the whole eating by myself thing.  That was sad.  I did my dishes afterwards and that was when F came home.  I told him truthfully that I’d be out of the kitchen soon and was.

While he cooked and ate, I scanned cards.  I’ve received quite a few recently.  

At 9:00pm I went over to the couch for Gossip Girl.  I ripped out the squares that I had joined with a raised stitch and re-attached them.  I’m now back to where I was before I did that.  I’m actually quite glad.  My blanket is looking nice I think. While I was on the couch with F, he leaned forward a bit and the couch shifted and made a loud cracking noise.  I think we broke the couch.  It’s only 10 years old, and I’m a bit bemused about the whole thing.  I was hoping we could just fix it, but F wants to get a new one.  I actually love our couch, but it is too hot in summer because it is leather.  

I said to him that I was glad that we both were on the couch when it happens because we can’t blame the other person for it happening!  

After 10 I went back to my computer and did a couple of Postcrossings.  One is going to the UK and the other is going to Norway.  Cool.  

Really that’s about it for today.  I didn’t go out, I didn’t fight with my husband, and I got a bit of sorting done.   Tomorrow I have to do some laundry, mail my cards AND a Bookmooch and a whole bunch of other stuff.  

Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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